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The Chili and Pepper winter sowing thread.


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  • The Chili and Pepper winter sowing thread.

    This is the early sowing and growing thread for all things Chili and Pepper related.

    Info here

    Oops, sorry here

    As traditional on the Vine, we are only sowing a few seeds to get us going, as most people don't have the space for 80 plants all being grown indoors through the spring.

    So, get yourself a few seeds, a couple of pots, and sow some lovely peppers.

    Report here what you are growing, how you are getting them to germinate, and any other tricks to maximise your crops. Also, photos are not only cool but welcomed and possibly drooled over.

    A guide to the Capsicum from Wiki is here

    If you want to sow yours on the correct Moon day for fruiting crops, a guide is here

    *naysayers saying they will wait to sow is great, but start your own thread please - this is for those who want to get a few plants started off early. Thank you.
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    I'll go and soak some rockwool then sow white hab, gindungo cahomba and dedo de mocha this evening. Then pop them in propagator.


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      Here we go again...First remedy for my itching fingers and official start of a new growing season


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        sowed 2 mustard habanero, 2 hot lemon and 2 white habanero in the heated propagator ...and now we wait
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          1 of each sown tonight.

          Black Hungarian [From Alice on here]
          PW's Sweet Pointy Pepper [the last seed from the batch from when I visited!]
          PW's Fat Bang [saved from seedlings PW gave me]
          Gelbe Kirschen [from Real Seeds]
          Ryton Red [from when I used to volunteer at Garden Organic, given to me by another volunteer].

          And I sneakily sowed one PW's French Black tomato.


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            Ooh, that time already?! I'll have to do mine tomorrow, wish I'd have checked earlier. Can't wait to have a nose through the samples I took from the chilli parcel


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              Originally posted by chrismarks View Post
              Ooh, that time already?! I'll have to do mine tomorrow, wish I'd have checked earlier. Can't wait to have a nose through the samples I took from the chilli parcel
              I can see you chasing these poor seeds/plants with your impatience


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                nothing new there! This year I sowed everything early, got carried away hehe. Hopefully this time around I can restrain myself a little bit more.


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                  I sowed a few on Jan 3rd last year. They made fine plants, I grew them on in the cold greenhouse, bringing them in at night. I shall do it again!
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                    Just checked my journal and it was 2nd Feb when I started my Orange Habs and Scotch Bonnets so I'll get my compost out this afternoon and give them a earlier start.
                    Location....East Midlands.


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                      Quick. Better get choosing from my LARGE selection of chillies and pepper seeds


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                        Two of each of the following sown in a heated propagator today:

                        Pili Pili
                        Red Savina
                        Trinidad Scorpion
                        Trinidad 7 Pot
                        Peruvian Purple
                        Dorset Naga

                        It's great to be getting started again.

                        Is this thread eligible for sticky status, like in previous years?
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                          Bought some new compost today, ready for planting seeds.

                          My other compost is still frozen solid, and I'm now not sure of it's nutrient value.

                          Will post what I've planted tomorrow...


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                            Wow you lot are SOO early!
                            I start mine off at the end of Jan!!


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                              couldn't wait! got a polytunnel for xmas due to go up in a few weeks but started off 12 habanero and 12 ring of fire in wee pots covered with upside down plastic bottle bottoms on the boiler. good to get going!


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