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The Grow Your Own Magazine Growing Guides

These handy growing guides have been put together by award winning gardening magazine, Grow Your Own. From chillies to tomatoes and strawberries, we've tried to cover all the edible plants you'd like to produce at home. If you don't spot your favourites, watch this space – we're planning to add even more great introductions to growing food in your garden throughout the year.

If you have burning question, why not look for an answer now? The magazine's online Grapevine Forum is just a click away. Select the tab at the top of this page to ask its 50,000 members for help with home-growing problems and add your own suggestions for producing bumper crops. It's entirely free to take part – imagine a giant gardening club that's open 24-hours a day!

Grow Your Own's A-Z Guide of Vegetables

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Grow Your Own's A-Z Guide of Fruits

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It couldn't be easier to grow your own vegetables, fruits and herbs. Our guides include all the gardening advice you'll need to get started, whether you have a back yard, allotment or a tiny patio. From sowing and planting to hefty harvests, these expert tips cover some of the UK's most popular crops. Broken down into bite-sized chunks, the info is a must-have for beginners and more experienced gardeners, too.

We're helping you to decide the best fruit and veg to grow by naming tried and tested varieties in every single guide. A quick look will reveal the most successful pest-resistant plants, container-crops and much more. For year-round tips check the lists of month-by-month must-do jobs. Discover at a glance the best time of year to buy seeds or plant your young crops out. Tick lists feature other essential tips for producing healthy fruit and veg.

There are so many reasons to get growing your own vegetables! Enjoying seasonal produce at its freshest and very best is just one of them – think tasty Brussels sprouts and earthy roots in winter, fleshy pumpkins and leafy beets in autumn, tender asparagus and new potatoes in spring, succulent peas and scrumptious sweetcorn in summer, and you should be on the right track!

Home-grown veggies not only taste better than anything you can buy from the supermarket, but they can help save you money and increase your daily vegetable intake. Whether you are aiming to be completely self-sufficient or merely bump up the number of veggies in your weekly food shop, high yielding crops such as runner beans and salad leaves can help you achieve this at minimum cost – plus they are much easier to grow than you might think.

With just a few packets of seeds and a sprinkle of enthusiasm you'll be surprised at what you can grow in even the smallest of spaces – and we guarantee that it won't be long before you find yourself branching out into more unusual and challenging varieties!

From allotment staples like carrots and onions to gourmet crops of chillies and celeriac, our step by step growing guides will help get you off to the right start and have you tucking into your first plate of homegrown veggies in no time!

Gardens, patios or even a balcony – no space is too small for a bumper fruit harvest! Whether you have a field to fill or just a few containers, it's possible to enjoy that fresh, just-picked flavour. Berries and tree fruit make tasty snacks or delicious desserts. By making jams from scratch with the home-grown produce, you'll preserve the summery flavour all year round. Apple, pear and grape gluts can be turned into wine, cider and other tasty tipples.

Apples, like pears, cherries and plums, are must-have UK crops and these days almost anyone with an outdoor space can enjoy growing their own. These trees are available as container-grown plants all year round, or bare-rooted and dormant in late autumn and winter. Both types are a real investment, with each one able to offer many years of fruiting. Plant a tree now and you may still be enjoying it in a decade or two. Compact varieties will easily fit into pots, making orchards just as possible on a sturdy balconies as in super-made gardens.

Gardeners with exotic tastes and a warm greenhouses can turn their old tights into nets for home-grown melons. Or, for peaches and nectarines, select a warm, sunny south-facing wall well away from frost pockets. Jewel-coloured selections of soft fruits can be a real treat in summer and autumn. Grow your own gooseberries, raspberries and currants on canes and bushes. For an even speedier crop, the right cold-stored strawberry plants can be bought in spring for bright red fruits two to three months later.

These aromatic plants look fabulous, taste delicious and are really easy to grow! They require very little space or gardening know-how to get started, and are best suited to hot, sunny positions and well-drained soil – making them ideal for growing in hanging baskets, patio containers, raised beds, and even small pots on your window sill.

As well as being a cook's best friend, herbs can also be used to perfume hand crafted soaps, create herbal remedies, infuse teas and encourage wildlife such as butterflies and bees to your garden. Growing your own herbs will not only save you money, but ensure that you always have a fresh supply of delicious flavour enhancing crops to hand, plus a thoughtful gift to take along to your next dinner party!

Give classic herbs like mint, rosemary, chives, bay, sage, basil and fennel a whirl, or if you're feeling more adventurous, how about micro-herbs, lemon grass, feverfew, marjoram, or borage? Most herbs can be grown easily from seeds or cuttings (or established nursery plants if you prefer) – just remember to harvest the plants regularly to encourage new growth and protect from frost where possible. If growing herbs in containers you'll also need to make sure that they have a good supply of water, while preventing the pots from becoming waterlogged at the same time.

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