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Easy garden favourites

16th September 2020

Want to grow fruit and veg but not sure where to get started? Check out our easy garden favourites growing guides!

Here at Grow Your Own, we want to make gardening as…Read More

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Five of the best summer essentials

10th August 2020

We are a nation of garden lovers, which means our gardens deserve some TLC from time to time. However, sometimes working out what gear, gadgets and accessories to purchase can be confusing and at times,…Read More

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Growing advice from social media star Ingrid grows and eats!

30th July 2020

Catch-up on our social media takeoever with Ingrid (aka Ingrid grows and eats) here!

On Tuesday 28th July, we…Read More

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Last chance to visit The Grow Show

25th June 2020

It’s been an incredible month thanks to our thriving online hub: The Grow Show. But, all good things must come to an end! And, with under…Read More

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Your essential allotment rulebook

22nd June 2020

Give some consideration to the allotment with this essential allotment rulebook - your crops will thank you!

Making the decision to cultivate crops on an allotment for the first…Read More

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Top 5: Garden pests and how to avoid them

19th June 2020

You’ve worked hard getting your seeds sown, they’ve germinated, you’ve potted them on and perhaps moved them outdoors now. Everything is going to plan, when ‘BAM!’ - an infestation…Read More

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5 tips for decorating an outdoor space

04th June 2020

Our yards, gardens and flowerbeds are precious spaces that take time to create and grow. The pleasure one can get out of these outdoor spaces is infinite and having an area where you can relax to enjoy…Read More

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How can you get the best from strawberries? Our GYO community is on hand to help

20th April 2020

Strawberries are a real crowd-pleaser – and if they’re freshly-picked ones, all the more so. As soon as those warm summer months hit, we get a craving for popping nature’s delicious red…Read More

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First year growing potatoes? Here is what our readers think you need to know to get started

09th April 2020

Potatoes can be enjoyed in myriad ways in the kitchen; when it comes to versatility, it really doesn’t get much better than the humble spud. So if you’re looking for a crop that offers high…Read More

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Forage like a pro with these five golden rules

07th April 2020

First time foraging? Here are five things to keep in mind and the kit you’ll need to get started

Plant finding and identification is a skill that takes patience and…Read More

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New to gardening? Here’s what our readers want you to know

03rd April 2020

If this is your first year growing your own, let our growing community give some advice from their experience

“I’ve sowed carrots in flinty soil before, they all came up…Read More

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How to stop joint pain getting in the way of your gardening

03rd April 2020

Don’t let joint pain stop you in your tracks!

The prospect of self-isolating can be a daunting one to some, but new research has revealed that happiness can be found at the…Read More

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9 hidden gems of the gardening Instagram world that you should be following

01st April 2020

GYO deputy editor Blake reveals the Insta accounts that he’s taking inspiration from this spring

More time at home is meaning more time on Instagram – or perhaps…Read More

How gardening is great in challenging circumstances

31st March 2020

A recent article published in GQ magazine revealed that the British racing car driver, Max Chilton, gardens to keep…Read More

Alan Titchmarsh: My advice to first-timers in the garden

26th March 2020

Think back to when you were taking those tentative initial steps onto your allotment plot or turning over the dirt for the first time in your newly acquired garden. You probably had that warm,…Read More

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Growing advice from social media star Joe Harrison!

25th March 2020

Missed our social media takeover with Grow With Joe? Don’t panic! You can catch-up here

On Tuesday 24th March, self-confessed gardening addict, garden writer and social…Read More

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5 easy ways to stay connected to the gardening community during self-isolation

17th March 2020

As the coronavirus outbreak continues, many people are being asked to self-isolate for extended periods. For some, especially the social butterflies amongst us, this may seem quite daunting and like…Read More

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How to get into the spirit of The Chelsea Flower Show 2020

04th March 2020

How to get into the spirit of the Chelsea Flower Show 2020

The Chelsea Flower Show 2020 is still a little while off but it won’t be long before the fragrant florals, daring…Read More

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A beginner’s guide to moon gardening

18th February 2020

Before we begin – no, we’re not talking about growing fruit and vegetables on the moon! Even though this is a serious subject, moon gardening is about growing in accordance with the path of…Read More

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Join #growwithgyo, in partnership with the RHS

31st January 2020

If you haven’t already signed up, now is the perfect time to join our nationwide grow-along #growwithgyo, which we are running in partnership with the RHS. Each month we will be sharing the top…Read More

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Keeping hens and mental health

27th January 2020

We speak to Rachel Bull (aka @thegoodlifeainteasy) and experts from the British Hen Welfare Trust about why keeping…Read More

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Gardening Heroes: Kirsty Ward

22nd January 2020

For our recent Gardening for Wellbeing Special, we chatted with Lincolnshire allotmenteer Kirsty Ward, better known (by her large online following) as My…Read More

What to think about before purchasing a greenhouse

23rd December 2019

Ultimately, the purchasing of a greenhouse is not for the grower, but for your plants and crops. Although, we can’t deny that there’s nothing…Read More

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Garden vs compost worms

19th December 2019

We help to decipher the difference between garden worms and compost worms

Any keen gardener will tell you that worms play an important part in keeping your garden healthy. Not…Read More

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Behind the scenes: Will Young

04th December 2019

The popstar-turned-gardener tells Blake Roberts his unconventional tomato growing advice and how being in the garden eases his anxiety

“I’ve become quite…Read More

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The reasons why you need worms in your garden

30th October 2019

Worms - are they really that important? We find out!

Put down your shovels and spades and listen up as the most important workers of the soil are worms! Scientific research…Read More

How to become a city gardener

09th October 2019

Get a slice of the good life, even if you live in a built-up urban area

As growing your own continues to gain popularity, space in which to grow is at a premium, with large waiting…Read More

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5 of the best pumpkin varieties

01st October 2019

Discover some of the fascinating varieties of pumpkins on show during October

Large, orange pumpkins, carved with strange faces are traditionally associated with October and…Read More

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Why you should let your garden run wild

25th September 2019

We explore the pros and cons of wild gardening

Just as music and fashion adapts to culture and society, as does gardening. The style of gardens we see today vary drastically…Read More

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The essential guide to artificial grass

30th August 2019

Spend all of your time growing fruits and vegetables, so you’ve got no time for your lawn? Learn why you should get artificial grass

Do you care about how you’d…Read More

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How to harvest fruits and vegetables

28th August 2019

When the time comes around, harvesting your fresh fruit and vegetables is one of, if not the best, thing about growing your own. It’s not just the phenomenal taste of homegrown produce that makes…Read More

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National Allotments Week 12-18 August 2019

22nd August 2019

Forgot to celebrate National Allotments Week? Catch-up on these posts all about allotments from some of our favourite Instagram stars

Each year, the National Allotment…Read More

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How polytunnels support crop growth all year round

13th August 2019

There are people up and down the country looking to use the garden as a route towards self-sustainability. The growing and planting of crops ensures a regular supply of healthy food, which is both organic…Read More

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Beat the heat in your greenhouse with Bayliss Autovents

29th July 2019

Discover how Bayliss Autovents can help to keep greenhouse temperatures under control

It’s important that gardeners regulate the temperature inside their greenhouse during…Read More

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The top 6 gardens to visit this summer

26th July 2019

Struggling to think of which gardens to visit to make the most of summer? Take inspiration from our top picks below!


Read More
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Container growing with EverEdge

17th July 2019

Find out how to grow crops in containers to maximise space

Growing your own has come back into fashion in recent years ever since it has become more recognised as a means of…Read More

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The hidden harvests you didn’t know your crops offer

16th July 2019

Discover the lesser-known pickings you can get from your plot


Many of us grow fruit and veg for their traditional yields that can be used in many dishes.…Read More

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20 crops to sow in July

02nd July 2019

July is a month of barbecues and bountiful harvests. New crops are ripening every day to leave our kitchen tables wobbling under their weight. Autumn can be just as abundant. Sow these 20 veg…Read More

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How to grow a summer salad

27th June 2019

Learn how to grow a summer salad in one pot!

You can’t beat the flavours of a fresh salad – crisp lettuce, partnered with cooling cucumber and juicy tomatoes. Lettuce,…Read More

Growing advice from social media star Ellen Mary

26th June 2019

Re-live our takeover with social media star Ellen Mary for #worldwellbeingweek

On Tuesday 25th June, vegan gardener, radio show host, TV presenter, and social media whiz Ellen…Read More

The Essential Greenhouse Guide

10th June 2019


Greenhouses…Read More

Herb growing for beginners: chives

05th June 2019

If you’re looking for a herb with a multitude of uses in the kitchen, then look no further than chives. The long, thin leaves pack a massive flavour punch and can be sprinkled over, or mixed into…Read More

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Top Tips for Choosing the Right Garden Building

05th June 2019

There are a number of considerations to be made when choosing the right garden building to help you make sure it is going to be fit for purpose and fulfil it’s potential. If you make the right decisions,…Read More

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The RHS 5 best plants for pollinators

30th May 2019

Discover the 5 best plants to attract pollinators to visit your plot this summer

Bees and other pollinating insects are vitally important, and it’s thanks to them that we…Read More

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BBC’s Mark Lane: Gardening changed my life

29th May 2019

Blake Roberts speaks to the TV presenter about how he’s using his experiences to help others, the daunting prospect of working with Monty Don and his favourite fruit to grow

Read More
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27th May 2019

Give your garden a boost with this great selection of goodies! For your chance to win, simple cast your votes in the Great British Growing AwardsRead More

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6 herbs to grow this summer

14th May 2019

On the hunt for herbs to grow this summer? Find out Herbal Haven’s top 6

As far as the popular herbs are concerned, the old rhyme Scarborough Fair ‘parsley, sage, rosemary…Read More

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Growing Community

08th May 2019

How community edible gardens can help you to make friends and build networks

Community-led growing projects are a great way of getting to know the neighbours, especially if…Read More

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10 reasons why gardening rocks

25th April 2019

We take a look at the reasons why we should all keep on gardening

Now that the weather is starting to get warmer (we hope!) and the evenings are lighter, the green-fingered among…Read More

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Growing advice from social media star Kirsty Ward

17th April 2019

Catch up on our takeover with Instagrammer My Little Allotment

On Tuesday 16th March, social media star Kirsty Ward (AKA My Little Allotment) took over Grow You Own’s social…Read More

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The Great British Growing Awards 2019 and why you should vote

04th April 2019

Make sure your favourite wins at this year’s awards

The Oscars of the gardening world are back and they’re bigger than ever. Over the past few months, Grow Your…Read More

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April’s Jobs on the Plot

03rd April 2019

This month is filled with longer days, complete with rays of spring sunshine, as well as the occasional April shower. Take joy in sowing seeds, as it is a bumper time for gardeners when varieties of…Read More

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GBBO’s Jane Beedle: Venturing into garden design

28th March 2019

Former Great British Bake Off finalist and garden designer, Jane Beedle talks growing, cooking and turning your passions into your career

Jane Beedle rose to the challenge of…Read More

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Growing advice from social media star Michael Perry

27th March 2019

Catch up on our takeover with Mr Plant Geek

On Tuesday 26th March, social media star Michael Perry (aka Mr Plant Geek) took over Grow You Own’s social media Read More

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Herb growing for beginners: fennel

25th March 2019

If you enjoy cooking up a range of fish dishes then fennel would make the perfect addition to your garden or allotment. With its aniseed flavour, the leaves of this perennial plant will add a wonderful…Read More

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How to grow super strawberries

22nd March 2019

There is nothing quite like a sun-warmed strawberry, plucked fresh from your own garden. And the good news is, they are really simple to grow. A summer favourite for many gardeners, strawberries bring…Read More

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Your complete guide to successful seed sowing

21st March 2019

Sowing seeds is a practice that many keen growers use in order to enjoy healthy, productive crops. There are other options available, including buying in young plug plants and mature edibles that will…Read More

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The health-boosting benefits of horticulture

19th March 2019

David Domoney delves deeper into how growing your own is beneficial for more than just your fitness

If you’ve been following the news lately, you’ll have noticed that incredible…Read More

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The Instagram accounts every gardener should be following

12th March 2019

We round-up the green-fingered folk who are bringing horticulture into the social media age

Photos of delicious fruit and vegetable harvests, endless inspiration and tips from…Read More

5 influential women in the world of horticulture

08th March 2019

Take a moment to celebrate 5 influential women in the world of horticulture on International Women’s Day

On March 8th, women are being celebrated across the world for International…Read More

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5 top fruits to make tasty compote and how to grow them

01st March 2019

Learn which fruits are best to make fruit compote and how to grow them

It’s National Fruit Compote day! Fruit compote is a simple sauce made from pieces…Read More

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Growing advice from Instagram star ‘mrsbeesgarden’

27th February 2019

Take a look at our social media takeover with ‘mrsbeesgarden’

On Tuesday 26th February, Debbie aka mrsbeesgardenRead More

6 winter herbs to fill your food with flavour

25th February 2019

Continue to enjoy these aromatic harvests even during the colder months of the year with GYO’s tips

The winter season can see little green foliage visible in your veg patch,…Read More

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Why you should add a greenhouse to your garden

19th February 2019

Discover the abundant benefits a greenhouse can bring to your plot

Visit a garden this spring and you might come across one of these glorious glass-windowed structures. Step…Read More

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5 celebrities you’d never guess love gardening

18th February 2019

Take a break from the plot and discover which celebs love to get stuck in to gardening, too.

Oprah Winfrey

Queen of talk shows, queen of the media……Read More

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Valentine’s day gifts for the special gardener in your life

11th February 2019

Spoil the gardener you love with this selection of fantastic garden-themed gifts

Tis’ the season of love! If you’re stuck for ideas this Valentine’s day, then…Read More

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From seed to harvest: How to grow tasty carrots

01st February 2019

Follow our simple advice for producing bigger and better carrots

Carrots are a classic addition to any veg plot. They’re easy to grow, and will reward you with sweet and…Read More

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Enjoy a FREE guide to simple step-by-step to peas

30th January 2019

This month, we’re providing a FREE download from our March issue to give you a glimpse of what Grow Your Own magazine has to offer! Here you’ll find a fantastically simple step-by-step project to…Read More

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Growing advice from Instragram star ‘the good life ain’t easy’

30th January 2019

Catch up on our social media takeover with ‘the good life ain’t easy’

On 29th January, Instagram star, blogger and keen allotmenteer Rachel Bull aka the…Read More

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Strapped for time? Try growing these 5 speedy crops

28th January 2019

Discover which veg you can sow and harvest in a short period of time

Sometimes when growing crops it can seem like an age has passed between sowing and harvesting, as with many…Read More

How to protect your plot from the cold this winter

23rd January 2019

Defy the cold and keep your crops safe from the season’s cold and windy weather

It’s true that the winter can put us off spending time gardening on our plots, but…Read More

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5 simple ways to cut down on your garden plastic usage

11th January 2019

Make your plot more eco-friendly by moving to plastic-free gardening

Many growers are becoming more conscious of the impact of plastics on the environment. Cutting down your…Read More

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How to look after wildlife in your garden this winter

09th January 2019

Read our 4 simple steps on how to provide the best help to garden-visitors this winter

We all struggle in winter, but so do our garden-visiting friends. Whereas some animals…Read More

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5 New Year’s Resolutions every gardener needs to make

24th December 2018

Make the most of your garden in 2019 with our simple tips and reap the rewards

New year, new garden! It’s that time of year again when we can start afresh and make new…Read More

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Enjoy a FREE guide to February’s top jobs on the plot

20th December 2018

This month, we’re providing a FREE download from our February issue to give you a glimpse of what Grow Your Own magazine has to offer! Here you’ll find a selection of essential plot tasks to make…Read More

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How to grow potatoes from scratch and get great results

20th December 2018

Find out everything you need to know about growing potatoes with our essential guide

No matter how you like to eat them, the humble potato has deservedly won its place in the…Read More

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Enjoy a FREE guide to sowing chilli peppers

29th November 2018

This month, we’re providing a FREE download from our January issue to give you a glimpse of what Grow Your Own has to offer! Here you’ll find a detailed step-by-step guide to sowing chilli…Read More

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How To Protect Veg Crops This Winter

22nd November 2018

Make the most out of your space and discover how to keep growing veg crops through winter

Protect your winter-hardy salads from slugs and snails…Read More

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What Berries Can I Grow In The Garden?

19th November 2018

Never miss an opportunity to grow and harvest delicious fruit with GYO’s guide!

Berries are a fruit gardener’s best friend. They are perfect for beginners as they…Read More

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How To Grow Autumn Raspberries

15th November 2018

Enjoy a bountiful crop of autumn raspberries with our helpful advice!

Raspberries are one of the most popular soft fruits that can be grown in your garden or allotment. By planting…Read More

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How To Choose A Greenhouse Or Polytunnel For Your Plot

12th November 2018

These buildings come in a wide variety of sizes, styles and price brackets, and deciding on the one for you can feel a little daunting. The first thing you should do is consider where you would like…Read More

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How To Grow Rosemary

06th November 2018

Learn how to cultivate this delicious plant for an abundance of pickings

A staple addition to many Mediterranean dishes, rosemary is an essential part of any gardener’s plot.…Read More

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Enjoy a FREE Guide to Jobs on the Plot

01st November 2018

This month, we’re providing a FREE download from our December issue to give you a taste of what GYO has to offer! Here you’ll find essential information to keep your plot happy and healthy over…Read More

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Growing Advice from River Cottage’s Head Gardener Will Livingstone

30th October 2018

On 25th October Will Livingstone, head gardener at the brilliant River Cottage, took over Grow…Read More

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How To Choose A Fruit Tree For Your Plot

24th October 2018

Feeling overwhelmed by the choice of fruit trees available? Don’t despair – GYO is here to help

Choosing a fruit tree for your garden isn’t like choosing a variety…Read More

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Autumn Guide To Herbs

17th October 2018

As the weather begins to turn, keep your delicious leaves protected to continue your pickings into winter

Herbs are the perfect choice for no-fuss gardeners. They require very…Read More

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The Complete Guide To No-waste Growing

10th October 2018

Make the most of your harvests with the help of this useful advice!

If you’re growing lots of different fruit and veg, it’s quite likely that your compost heap will be brimming…Read More

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Enjoy a FREE Guide to Planting Apple ‘Egremont Russet’ from GYO

03rd October 2018

This month, we’re providing a FREE download from our November issue to give you a tantalising glimpse of what GYO has to offer. Here you’ll find a detailed step-by-step guide to planting…Read More

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Growing Over Winter: The Basics

02nd October 2018

Confused about how to sow and look after plants ready for the winter? Don’t worry – GYO is here to help!

What Is Overwintering?
In edible…Read More

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How To Keep Your Vegetable Plot Tidy and Save Money, Too!

27th September 2018

John Hoad, Askham Bryan College alumni and keen chilli grower, shares his advice on keeping your allotment or garden in order this autumn.

When I was at horticultural college,…Read More

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Start Salads For Overwintering

24th September 2018

Although the height of summer is coming to an end and harvests may be reducing across the plot, now is the perfect time to make sure you get the most from your veg patch over the colder months. Sowing…Read More

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The Complete Guide To Windowsill Growing

19th September 2018

You don’t need a small space to enjoy the benefits of growing your own. Take a look at these useful pointers to help you get started.

You would be forgiven for thinking that…Read More

Enjoy a FREE guide to sowing microgreens from GYO

05th September 2018

This month, we’re providing a FREE download from our October issue to give you a tantalising glimpse of what GYO has to offer. Here you’ll find a detailed guide to sowing microgreens – a fantastic…Read More

The Need to Feed: Growing Edibles To Alleviate Food Poverty

05th September 2018

An estimated three million children were at risk of being hungry during the school holidays in the UK this summer, and food bank usage is reportedly hitting record highs. Surely, as a nation of gardeners…Read More

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Growing Advice From David Domoney

30th August 2018

On 21st August, Love Your Garden presenter David Domoney took over Grow Your Own’s social media platforms! He shared with us must-know gardening tips and fascinating facts. You can…Read More

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Well-being Wonders for Retirement Village Allotment Attendees

22nd August 2018

It’s no secret gardening is gaining momentum as a ‘fashionable’ hobby as an increased number of millennials are tapping into the pastime and raving about its benefits. In fact, millennials are…Read More

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10 Top Tips for New Plot Holders From The National Allotment Society

15th August 2018

Getting your own allotment plot is an exciting moment and it’s tempting to rush out and buy seeds and equipment and get planting. However, the more thought that you put in before you start work the…Read More

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Recipe Inspiration For National Allotment Week

10th August 2018

August is a month of abundant harvests so you can end up with large gluts, from a plethora of red tomatoes to never-ending courgettes. Find some recipe inspiration for these delicious harvests in this…Read More

main image

5 Garden Tasks For National Allotment Week

09th August 2018

National Allotment Week is taking place from August 13-19 this year, and the theme for 2018 is ‘living and growing’! The week aims to encourage everyone to get cultivating their own food, no matter…Read More

main image

Enjoy a FREE Guide to Jobs on the Plot from GYO

02nd August 2018

This month, we’re providing a FREE download from our September issue to give you a tantalising glimpse of what GYO has to offer. Here you’ll find a detailed list of tasks that can be completed…Read More

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