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Revamp Your Garden On A Budget

By Grow Your Own magazine
13th November 2023

Putting time and research into what you want from your garden in the coming year can help you to achieve the outdoor space of your dreams, on a manageable budget. There are plenty of great products on the market, but it is also worth considering items you can reuse and recycle to save money in certain areas, meaning you can spend on the things that are really crucial to you.

Make a multipurpose shed
Rather than just shoving your mower, chairs and garden tools in the shed, think about the other things you want from your garden. Would you love a summerhouse but don’t have the space? Keep your tools tidy, spruce up the inside of your shed with a lick of paint and some furnishings and it can make a lovely place to sit and relax. Sheds come in many different shapes, sizes and types, so if you want a potting shed, tool storage area, an outdoor office, or even an outdoor bar for you to enjoy with family and friends, the possibilities are endless!

Plants for free
It is very possible to furnish your garden with plants you have acquired from garden-loving friends and family. We don’t mean swiping plants as you leave after a visit, of course, but with permission, taking cuttings and propagating new plants is a great option. Obviously, you will need to check you aren’t transferring any pests and diseases to your space, so make sure to give cuttings a thorough health check before planting. There are also some crops that send up runners, which can be snipped off of the parent plant and popped in the ground elsewhere. If you belong to an allotment site or if you have lots of keen gardeners in your community, it can also be worth seeing if there are any plant swaps going on – a great way to share out your excess and get your hands on types you really want.

Recycle and upcycle
You can make some really striking features by repurposing items you already own into something new. This can also help you make the most of unusual spaces, as you can create your own purpose-built items – for example, turning a ladder into a planter helps maximise vertical space in small gardens. Other popular solutions are creating planters from old tin baths, or even old welly boots, so you get unique, personal designs for minimal outlay.

Give fences a lick of paint
You can easily add personality to any space by painting woodwork (such as fences or sheds) in a unique colour personal to you. Use paint specific for use outside, and this will also help preserve the wood and keep everything in good condition. This is quite a simple way to totally transform the look of your garden, and to add some interest. You can either keep this natural and low-key, or you can add a real pop of colour to make certain areas really stand out.

Shop around
Once you know what you need to buy to create your garden, don’t buy it from the first place you see – check around and see which shops are offering the best value for money on the items. Also, comparing and contrasting products on the market will help you to understand which are offering the best quality items, and what will work best in your space.

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