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    3 cornered leeks are delish...use like chives/mild spring onions Plus you can eat the flower too, which looks pretty on salads.. TBH I can think of worst invasive plants than wild garlic and 3 cornered leeks!!


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      Originally posted by chrismarks View Post
      Can you eat it/use the leaves in anything? There's a country lane I take to goto work/go home that's referred to as 'Garlic Lane'.. always wondered.
      Yes, you can eat the flowers (mild flavour) and the leaves (slightly stronger). When out on a day's walk I often pick some and put them on my sandwiches. Lovely! Don't let this great free food go to waste, get on and eat some
      Forbidden Fruits make many Jams.


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        never fear Northepaul, I also have a good selection of 'worse' invasive plants - groundelder, bindweed, sycamores, nettles, comfrey (the latter goes for liquid feed of course). That'll do me!

        I did try the 3 cornered leek and wasn't too fussed. Then I pulled loads of it out to give a bit of space to other plants, and got a bit sickened by the smell, think it has put me off.

        But I'm up for growing some wild garlic - would love some ideas on how best to keep in in check!


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