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Captains Retreat the first pics!


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    Right, i've put the rhubarb in, some of the crowns were difficult to tell which end was the root....

    But some gave up their secrets a bit easier...

    didnt do much else, the raspberries seem to have taken, a bit of foliage coming through, i may have to think about support, thay're taking a bit of a battering!

    thats it for now!
    <*}}}>< Jonathan ><{{{*>


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      Forgot to mention, when i got there i found one of my asparagus crowns next to the bed, i guess i missed it, it was just spread out bare on the ground, with a perfectly formed spear on it, about an inch long, he obviously didnt mind the frosts, i tucked him up nicely in the bed with his friends, itching to get up there again and get on!
      <*}}}>< Jonathan ><{{{*>


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        Time to resurrect this, had the day off today so went and collected my free dalek and took it down the plot.
        Everything was much the same, the foliage on the raspberries has died back, I'm guessing because of the frosts??
        Other than that some more measuring and planning.
        <*}}}>< Jonathan ><{{{*>


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          Right there with you cpt, was the first decent weekend for about 8 weeks so I got plenty done, want to think about those first crops now and making sure there's a bed ready. Lettuce, beetroot, peas and celeriac will be on the go shortly for me.
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            Amazing plot...its given me inspiration for the back half of my plot to divide it into two long beds either side of a central is everything coming on? Any pics?


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              Another very quick update.
              As the worst of the weather seems to have passed ( fingers crossed) I finally got down to plant out my over wintering onion sets, they had been resident in the greenhouse but now was the time.
              108 onions planted, and the garlic (30 ish plants)
              A few other bits and bobs done as well, i'm pretty sure I'll have some pics to post soon.
              I did have a visit from a very nice lady from the society, its 6 then you can use any hand tools, lawnmowers, rotavators, strimmers, etc etc as well as use of 'the greenhouse' and 'the cold frames' and your membership of the NSLAG? NALSG? NLGAS? - the nation allotment people! and 15% off seed orders. Theres coach trips, bbq's etc sounds quite nice.

              I did then meet a man from the society, who seeing as I was relatively young, and clearly new to the plot offered me advice on every single fruit, vegetable, herb that you could imagine. I dont mind a bit of help, really though I'm more of a fan of trial and error, and learning from mistakes, rather that being told 'asparagus wont grow here, waste of time and space' 'raspberries dont look too well' 'that needs digging'
              I suspect every plot has at least one... I think he's giving me training on garden machinery next weekend - busmans holiday anyone!?
              <*}}}>< Jonathan ><{{{*>


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                Really enjoyed looking through this thread - you've worked really hard on your plot. I've just started on mine. Keep updating us all - it's great to see all the changes on your plot.

                Living in her own purple world

                Loving gardening, reading, knitting and crochet.


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                  Time for a resurrection!!

                  I've been away from the grapevine, allotment, and even fishing for a while, various problems, trials and tribulations occurring...even a trip to wales! (an absolutely beautiful part of the world)

                  Now getting things under control, and finding time to resume normal service!

                  It's actually quite saddening to look back at this thread and see the potential and promise that never really happened over these past few months.. I did manage the odd photo over the last 6 months, I'll upload those when I cam.

                  I have had a few successes, and a few failures, most notably..all 108 overwintering onions, and all 30 garlic all rotted. I'm guessing due to being too wet in the posts/trays over winter, as all of the sets I put in direct in spring survived. (one lesson learnt for next year).

                  The raspberry bushes died, no growth at all by October and the canes were entirely dry throughout. Recently replaced with some new canes from RHS shop which will hopefully be OK.

                  I did have more beans than you can shake a stick at, runners and french. Also not a single carrot fly, I only had one row (20ft)of early carrots but not a single one lost, with no protection that was a result!

                  Cauliflowers were OK, but not amazing.

                  Sweetcorn, appalling, I put it out too late, into unprepared ground, and too close together, again more knowledge for next time!

                  some excellent swedes are now being had after the first batch got destroyed by creepy crawlies I planted out the rest, covered with fleece, they really have surprised me!

                  My biggest lesson was planting far too many first early potatoes... I'm still lifting them now, and they're all smaller than tennis balls...lots of peeling..all I want is a baked potato!!
                  Next year some early..and some late!

                  Anyways just a hi really, and I promise I will dig those photos out!
                  <*}}}>< Jonathan ><{{{*>


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                    You came to Wales and you didn't drop in for a cuppa Good to see you back and hope all is well with you


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                      Hi Vc, yes afraid so! It was a bit last minute though.

                      Stayed at a place called Penally. It was great!
                      <*}}}>< Jonathan ><{{{*>


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                        Welcome back Captain!!
                        I dream of a better tomorrow, where chickens can cross the road and not be questioned about their motives....

                        ...utterly nutterly


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                          Penally near Tenby I can see Caldey island from my little house down west so you were quite close Hope you had some decent weather for your visit!!


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                            some produce

                            Not bad for a first attempt!?


                            <*}}}>< Jonathan ><{{{*>


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                              shallots from seed, good!

                              magnum chilli, very nice with chocolate!


                              strawberries that were there when we got the plot.
                              <*}}}>< Jonathan ><{{{*>


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                                casablanca - I love these!

                                Unfortunately all the tomatoes and peppers had really tough skins so turned into pasta sauce they were!

                                Turbo onion sets, saved the day after the overwintering ones all rotted.
                                <*}}}>< Jonathan ><{{{*>


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