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Captains Retreat the first pics!


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  • Captains Retreat the first pics!

    As promised, we headed down to the plot today for a proper look around...

    this is one of the four beds, the pallet compost heap is mine, although i'd like to get rid of it, as is the orangy brown shed - thats staying!

    same sort of thing but from a different angle..

    some strawberry plants, a mess, me (it was cold and wet!)

    Two little helpers checking things out!
    <*}}}>< Jonathan ><{{{*>

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    taking shelter from the hail!

    collecting some runner bean seed

    you can sort of make out the four beds, and three bags of horse manure!

    some weeds lol!
    <*}}}>< Jonathan ><{{{*>


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      more runner beans!
      <*}}}>< Jonathan ><{{{*>


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        Some lovely pics - the offspring and the plot both look great! This is a really good time of year to take it on because you will be able to do loads of preparatory work and hit the ground running in spring.


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          Great pics Cptn. Love the upmarket shed with curtains
          Looks like you have a couple of useful junior gardeners there too - set them to weeding


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            Ive got quite a bit of work to do.
            Ive decided to remove one of the 'paths' down the middle, and thin the other to a mowers width.
            I'd like to dig those weeds in, and the manure, and alot of the compost, before the proper cold arrives, that is if it stops raining for long enough!

            Then i'll sit down with the shopping list of seeds, sets, plants and start planning!
            <*}}}>< Jonathan ><{{{*>


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              Your allotment is quite large! Looks like you have some decent soil there. Good luck getting it turned before winter sets in.
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                Gosh- that looks very do-able!

                ..esp if the young uns help out!

                ...what are your plans???
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                  Lovely pics CPT,how come you had your back to the camera ,a nice size plot to,now you deffinatley not got time to machine knit,i see you got two lovely little flowers planted already,their little faces look a treat,ahhhhh,wish you good luck,you might need a bigger shed,
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                    Time for a quick update.
                    On Friday I felt a cold coming, so headed off to the beach for a spot of fishing, which was poor.
                    Got home at 4am saturday, the kiddies woke me up at 6, so feeling both ill and tired I headed off down the retreat.
                    We removed the remaining onions, beans, bean frames, cleared some of the bigger weeds, a bit of forking and i dug about half of one of the four beds, having over done it, as well as being very unfit, i retired for the day, today rain has again stopped play, it was a bit too wet yesterday after the doenpours this morning I gave it a rest.
                    Pictures to follow when i get the camera back!
                    <*}}}>< Jonathan ><{{{*>


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                      Looks great, not in a bad state at all!


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                        Fab! Can't wait to see photos as it gets worked on! )


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                          Looking good, you knocked it off with that plot. Can't wait to see your update pics
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                            As promised some more pics...

                            Not my best side!

                            Mid - dig, i got hot, hence short sleeves! lol

                            The other half's 'forking' - i did point out mine looked better

                            The beans, and frame cleared, just weeds left awaiting their fate!
                            <*}}}>< Jonathan ><{{{*>


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                              A different view of the progressing plot

                              A little rest

                              How not to use a fork!

                              Little helper
                              <*}}}>< Jonathan ><{{{*>


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