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Captains Retreat the first pics!


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    Shortly before collapse

    Thats it for now, hoping to get up there this weekend weather permitting!
    <*}}}>< Jonathan ><{{{*>


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      Get the kids to do all the digging, saves your back and will keep them occupied

      Nice plot you've got there and keep us updated.
      An attempt to live a little more self-sufficient


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        Your allotment looks great - but I have "growing area envy". Have just recently got a plot of my own but it is only about 33' x 16' and, having relinquished a much larger but less convenient plot, I am wondering how to best make use of my small allotment.

        Look forward to more pics as work progresses.


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          Your lovely pictures made me smile Bet you've woken up a few gardening muscles with all that hard work
          You may say I'm a dreamer... But I'm not the only one...

          I'm an official nutter - an official 'cropper' of a nutter! I am sooooo pleased to be a cropper! Hurrah!


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            Thanks for the kind words of encouragement!
            The kids can be a help, sometimes!

            I wasnt too bad after the digging, just a bit generally knackered, but i dont really do any exercise these days.
            Hoping to get back down there early tomorrow morning (if i get up in time)
            <*}}}>< Jonathan ><{{{*>


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              Wow that is all looking good! Looks like fun for all the family too
              Whooops - now what are the dogs getting up to?


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                Ive been back!
                Woke up at 8, popped down the plot.
                Spread three bags of manure over one of the 'plots'.
                finished digging the other 'plot'
                sorted out the compost bins.
                planned where the bean trench will go, and the rasps and the rhubarb and sweetcorn.
                Thats it for now, although i know where the potatoes wont be going next year - where i keep digging them up now! lol
                I think the boss got some pics, will update when i can.
                <*}}}>< Jonathan ><{{{*>


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                  spreading manure...

                  some finished digging...

                  working my way through the compost heap, with a little help sifting the potatoes out!

                  some manure spread on a bed!
                  <*}}}>< Jonathan ><{{{*>


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                    now, somebody made a path, they were obviously very proud of their path, as i have hundreds of photo's of the path!

                    Thats it for now, still under the weather but a little more progress, ive ordered some raspberries...tulameen should be here this week, i may have to do some after dark planting.
                    <*}}}>< Jonathan ><{{{*>


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                      I've been back!
                      Got up really early, dragged no.1 daughter down the plot, she helped me plant the raspberries, not the straightest row you've ever seen but she had a great time!
                      Then set to work digging out the path, that I was going to get rid of, then i started to dig it, at which point i realised that digging up grass thats been walked on for a few years is hell! I was going to leave it.... but i cant - it has to go! as always... some pics to follow!!
                      <*}}}>< Jonathan ><{{{*>


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                        Some more pics..

                        some dirt

                        Some very badly spaced raspberries! lol

                        nice wonky row, i did let her dig the holes so i suppose i have to take the blame, she was chuffed as nuts though!
                        <*}}}>< Jonathan ><{{{*>


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                          And I've been back again..

                          Finished digging the two beds into one (the pic shows it better)
                          Started to sift out the tatties from the compost/manure heap and spread the stuff over the bed thats getting left til spring.

                          The bed with stuff spread on

                          a strange picture of some digging!

                          Recovering from an olympic digging session!

                          Mrs crackoff making a debut!
                          <*}}}>< Jonathan ><{{{*>


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                            straightening up the old back!
                            <*}}}>< Jonathan ><{{{*>


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                              I need to cut the grass, it looks messy, and trim the paths down to 'just over a mower' width, then I'll have some planting to do as I have ordered...

                              9 rhubarb crowns - 3 x 'Timperley Early':, 3 x 'Victoria', 3 x 'Raspberry Red' - 17.94
                              15 asparagus crowns - 5 x 'Mondeo', 5 x 'Pacific 2000' , 5 x 'Guelph Millennium' - 17.50
                              50 - onion sets - senshyu - 1.29
                              50 - onion sets - electric - 1.49
                              2 bulbs garlic - solent wight - 1.99 each

                              With a little carriage its about 46 which is quite a bit of investment for me, but I think I need to get things sorted now, hopefully many years of payback from the asparagus and rhubarb, I may give away or sell some of the asparagus to a work colleague.
                              <*}}}>< Jonathan ><{{{*>


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                                I found a gap in the rain, got up early this morning, de-iced the car and headed down the lottie, it was a little damp but i lightly forked the ground, and planted the asparagus, using my rotting compost/manure heap, not too sure how it looks, i gave it a little pat down given the weathering its going to get!, didnt water it in though!
                                My only concern is that its a bit too close to the raspberries, but i want to keep the rhubarb in the same bed so need the room!?
                                Theres 8 crowns here...

                                Thats it for me this weekend, hoping for better weather next week, ive gotta get my garlic, onions and some broad bean plants in, and sort the edges of the beds.... and i still have the longest grass!
                                <*}}}>< Jonathan ><{{{*>


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