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  • Oh...the main rant is that I feel absolutely rubbish and have a craft fair to do tomorrow and a house to fully clear in the uk next week.

    Bad timing or what?
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    • The only good place to have shingles is on a roof. I'm sorry you are both suffering

      My rant: I have so much to get done, but am so tired after a long couple of weeks in work that I have achieved nothing and it's already 5pm on Saturday.


      • sorry to hear that Nicos,what a flippin coinsident eh,then pills do stop the virus in it's tracks,but not any pain,you will need to go back,
        my rant,flippin gas fire,for several weeks now,not sure if i smelled a bit of gas or just my stupid nose and sinus,to day really smelled bad,within the hour gas man came,apparently it often happens ,why do they NOT warn people,he has isolated it at the fire itself,we intend getting regardless,so i keep sing to my self happy birthday to you squashed tomatoes and stew what a good day eh,at least we all safe now,
        sigpicAnother nutter ,wife,mother, nan and nanan,love my growing places,seed collection and sharing,also one of these


        • Went to Tesco and bought some corn on the cob after seeing freefolk's post. I know they won't be anything like as good as fresh, but charred on a griddle pan and eaten with butter and salt, they should be pretty tasty. And because they weren't available as an option on the self-service checkouts, the chappy gave them to me free. So there I was, thinking I was 98p up on Tesco and I was having a successful day! Except, then I realised that I had accidentally picked up organic strawberries instead of the similarly labelled/packaged imperfect strawberries next to them. So I'd paid £2 instead of 90p. Grr!

          I've just eaten them, and they were probably the most insipid watery strawberries I've ever had. I don't buy supermarket organic stuff as a rule. I presume that organic farmers can only mass-produce crops for supermarkets by growing monocultures of very pest/disease resistant varieties and these must have been bred for those qualities and not for flavour. Bleagh.

          Second rant, freshly washed bobbed hair that's too short to tie back on a windy day when you decided to use a beeswax lip-balm...
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          • Can't eat corn on cob because of dentures!

            If you're in your 70s you can get free shingles vaccination

            I only found out about this by accident whilst Googling. Despite hitting 70 in September I had to initiate it in January
            Riddlesdown (S Croydon)


            • I've just discovered why the fuchsias in my hanging baskets have had no flowers for over a month. I have two sunflower feeders each with 4 ports. A large flock of goldfinches come to eat the sunflowers, but of course there's only room for eight at a time to feed. The remainder are amusing themselves while awaiting their turn by sitting on the baskets and eating the tiny new fuchsia flower buds.

              My fault for encouraging them I suppose.

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              • Originally posted by Nicos View Post
                Just a few days after reading NannySally has shingles....guess who too now has shingles?

                I thought it wasn't supposed to be contageous over the Internet?

                On the positive side...OH phoned the GP at 11.15 this morning, I saw her at 12.00 (not an emergency appt either!) and by 2pm I'd taken my first antiviral tablets . The long wait was due to the pharmacy being closed for lunch!

                Brill care or what?
                My rant.....
                Just sad to think that would have all taken days in the uk, not hours.
                Poor you Nicos, hope the antiviral works.
                My only delay with doctor was a weekend and bank holiday.
                Once they had opened it was superb service
                My rant
                I canít flipping keep awake for more than 30 minutes- jet lag arghh
                Nannys make memories


                • Just finish filling the Dish Washer

                  Tore open the packet

                  Put in the tablet

                  Rant - Why was it wrapped in plastic?

                  Yes some have the wee finish bit that falls off (now and again), but this was you bog standard 2 tone Yellow and Blue... No need.


                  • I was doing three (if not four) people's work today so went in an hour early to get a head start and then stayed late to get everything done. No disasters and have kept everything under control. So why has my boss seemed pissed off with me all day? Humph.


                    • Had a email saying that someone has cut the gate to get onto the allotment to then climb over to get onto a building site on the opposite side. Only things off our site that was robbed was a wheelbarrow. They have robbed tools from the building site.


                      • Just realised how old and decrepit I am.

                        How? I hear you all asking.

                        Well, a particular TV channels are showing a lot of ‘celebrity ‘ programs.
                        I didn’t realise being related to a famous person or being a ‘star’ from a reality TV show qualities.

                        And............what’s with the you should eat pork very pink come from? Not everyone can afford the best sources so are reliant upon foreign imports where vetanary practices are not as good as this countries.
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                        • Big new solar system batteries are not working as expected, it turns out. We do well during the daytime, but not later on. Over 2,000 euros worth of useless boxes at the moment. Now in discussions with supplier...
                          Location: north-east Spain, where the sun is too hot, the rain too torrential, the hail too big, the wind too windy and the snow too deep. Last frost: usually mid-April, sometimes first week in May. First frost: mid-October.


                          • Bladdy rats
                            Granny on the Game in Sheffield


                            • Watched the women's triathlon world series race in Australia this afternoon. British girls came first and third (well done both lasses). The National Anthem was played, and Union flags run up the flagpoles.

                              Upside down.

                              Surely the Australians should know which way up the Union flag goes. After all, they do have one on their own flag.

                              Perhaps we should put theirs upside down and see how they like it.

                              Click image for larger version

Name:	australiaflag.jpg
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                              Location - Leicestershire - Chisit-land
                              Endless wonder.


                              • Originally posted by self-contained View Post
                                I was doing three (if not four) people's work today so went in an hour early to get a head start and then stayed late to get everything done. No disasters and have kept everything under control. So why has my boss seemed pissed off with me all day? Humph.
                                Been there. Done that. Got the T shirt.
                                And the complete lack of appreciation and doormat complex.

                                Honestly I donít know the solution. Maybe there isnít one...


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