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No shoots or roots on shallots


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  • No shoots or roots on shallots

    I bought some packaged British shallots early this year from a supermarket (at a good price) and planted them out in the spring. Unfortunately they have not produced either roots or shoots. The bulbs are expanding some and I can see a few are splitting a little. I have seen posts of a similar nature where the response has been give it time, but these have been in a number of months. I can easily pull them out as no roots are present and cannot see any crawly things. Any suggestions.

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    Have a read of this, it might help
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      I have found with garlic that it will not sprout until it had been cooled or even frozen.
      It sprouts pretty quickly in the fridge.
      I would guess that shallots are the same.
      Try buying some and splitting the bag and put half in the fridge and then plant a row of each and see how they go.


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        Were the deffo shallots and not eschallots?
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          Thanks for your comments. They were labelled as shallots being the traditional round in shape, not the banana type which I find tend to soften quicker when pickled.


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