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    Originally posted by nick the grief View Post
    You can grow a couple up a post, but you get a better crop from a row
    Great attachments Nick! I think I'll put OH to work on a nice structure this weekend

    Another question about raspberries. I’m transplanting my autumn rasps from the garden to the lottie. The patch where I am transplanting them to is infested with bindweed. It has taken me 4 weekends to clear all the roots manually and to stop it from coming back, I was wondering if raspberries like being planted like strawberries, through a membrane mulch. Or will that damage the suckers? Thanks everyone for such great advice!

    Does anyone have any advice on this?
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      Could anyone help me with the above question...? please...?
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        Hi Feather, we've planted our 'fedge' of 85 raspberry canes (mix of summer and autumn fruiting) through a membrane and bark chipping mulch, they're starting to bud up and new shoots are appearing, so I dont think its anything to be worried about, tho I'm sure some of the other more experienced grapes will be along with a reply shortly!

        I asked a similar question last year, and got the replies here

        Hope its of some help!
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