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Sowing suggestions - February


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  • Sowing suggestions - February

    This is going to be a month by month sowing thread. Please post what you are sowing each month, along with any good tips. (no discussions whether it is a good plan or not please ) Hopefully this will help new gardeners get to grips with succesional sowing too.
    The thread will be cleared each month with the sowing tips posted in the Growing Techniques Forum.
    One good resource is the RHS veg growing calender Veg calendar | Royal Horticultural Society.
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    More onions for me; plus a few more peppers.

    Also, putting onion sets into modules to get them started off.


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      Will be sowing leeks and some more peas this weekend and then later in the month sow hanging basket toms and some more broad beans. Oh and hopefully plant out a few early potatoes under cover as an experiment.

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        I've got Chillies, peppers, nasturtiums, french marigolds, hanging basket toms , borage and some cos lettuce seeds out ready to sow. Also got some shallots to plant.
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          I have sown some toms and chillis
          Oh and at the end of the month i am planning to sow some broad beans.


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            I shall do some more parsley this week and Raddish.
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              Yesterday I sowed chillies, sweet peppers, (in airing cupboard until they germinate) leeks, alpine strawberries, regular strawberries (not hoping for much but they were crap with runners so thought I'd try) and wild garlic. I might try a few toms at the end of the month. Got some peas and sweet peas chitting on damp kitchen roll in clear plastic tubs and also hoping for a thaw so I can put some shallots and a bit more garlic in.
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                I've sown my leeks and planted my shallots in a big bendy bucket in the green house.


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                  tomato,chilli,sweet pepper,onion,leek,peas, spinach and beetroot


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                    This month I shall be mostly sowing - Broad beans
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                      Today I have placed in the propagator, a row of birds eye chilli's, holy basil and pak choi the kit for which cost 1.99 from Netto.


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                        This week I've set aubergines, Marmande toms, chillis and sweet peppers in my propagator, next will be Marigolds, broad beans and lettuce.


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                          toms and chillies for me. Couple weeks I'll get on with the rest as above!


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                            Leeks onions cayen pepper summer cabbage in seed trays on window sill b beans and sweet peas chitting on kitchen roll also sunflower seeds in toilet rolls


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                              My February sowing is all indoors (on windowsills - pots get hoofed out into unheated mini-greehouse when the have shown themselves for a few days), with the exception of a few radish which I will sow at the Hill later in the month when it is not so darn miserable out there!

                              I have sown:

                              -half a dozen lettuce seed in a 3" pot - these will be potted on into individual little pots when they have a couple of sets of true leaves

                              -four big pinches of spring onions in little pots - when they come up they they will be planted out at as 4 clumps rather than individually

                              -15 broad beans in pots - I'm hoping to get these planted out mid-end march for quite an early crop.

                              - a couple of dozen leek seeds in a 4" pot. Did the same (with different leek seed) last month, but only 7 have come up, so I was a bit more generous with the seed this time.

                              - 20 kitchen roll inners each with 4 self saved white gem parsnip seeds. All the parsnip I sowed in loo rolls last year forked where they reached the bottom of the loo rolls, so I'm trying kitchen rolls this year instead. I'll also sow some direct next month, just in case it happens again, even with the longer tubes
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