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  • Hello!

    Hi all,

    Not really sure what to write! I've been trawling the forums for a couple of weeks picking up various nuggets of inspiration and have been signed up to the magazine for my birthday by the Mrs.

    We moved to a little thatched cottage out in the countryside outside Swindon 1 year and 2 days ago and have a veg plot at the bottom of the garden. Last summer it was 4m x 4m and was very productive despite not really having a clue what we were doing. It is now 5m x 8m and the way it's going it will take over the whole of the bottom of the garden in a year or two's time!

    We have just had our first child two weeks ago and i'm now back at work so the couple of jobs i wanted to do in the last week or so have been rather put on hold! Hopefully this weekend can be quite full on.

    My onions, shallots and garlic are all going well and i've got some other seedlings started off on the windowsills in the house. A potting shed is going to go up once the risk of frost has gone so we can get a base laid... so next year will be even more organised!

    All in all, quite a busy year! I grew up in the country and then moved more into the suburbs of London with school and Uni. I then moved to the centre of Bath with work so since i was 13 in 1992 my family haven't really been growing their own like they used to when i was a kid. It's great to be getting my hands dirty again and last year's crop was very satisfying for my first solo attempt!

    I'm going to be asking a couple of questions in the next few days but if i overstep the mark please just give my ear a flick and i'll calm down!

    Cheers for now,


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    Hello Stan and welcome. Ask away, we love questions.


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      Hello Stan - pleased to meet you As Rusty said, we love questions - I like the silly ones best


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        Hello and welcome.

        Congratulations on you move - it must be important to you to still be counting the days. (Three years, two months and six days for us!)
        Le Sarramea


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          Hello, and welcome to the madhouse!
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            Hello and welcome to the vine Stan


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              Welcome to the forum Stan

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                Hi Stan

                Congratulations on your first, and welcome to the Vine

                Ask away with any questions, but above all give us pictures of your plot and how you are getting on!

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                  welcome stan, enjoy!
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                    Hello & welcome
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                      Welcome to the site - I just joined to and as my veg plot is still being built - believe me your questions can't be any worse than mine!


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                        Thanks all!


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                          Welcome DaddyStan & congrats to you both. I'm sure you will enjoy the friendly company of the vine.
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                            Hello Stan and a very warm welcome to the Vine. Congratulations on your first born - by the time your baby can eat solids, you may be able to puree up your own veg!
                            Granny on the Game


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                              welcome and congratulations on your recent addition. I too am growing seedling on window sills at the moment


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