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  • Good Morning All Sunny here too. Hope he's soon sorted GF. Have a good day All and thanks for the birthday wishes
    Granny on the Game in Sheffield


    • Mornin n’alln’all

      blinkin ‘’s stopped raining and we have blue sky!

      GF...hope your OH’s surgery goes ok today - maybe it’s just as well he can’t actually see the damage?
      That-was a really good call having a first Aid kit to hand. That remind me that I should sort one out for the Camoervan.

      When OH bought his first chainsaw 15 years ago I insisted ( even though he has all the safety gear and wears it and was carefully shown how to use it when he bought it) that he never uses it when I’m not around and also that he had to hand a special gel pack the army uses which expands into shot wounds which will stop the bleeding until help arrives - including arterial bleeding!)
      It can be torn open with your teeth’ and he keeps it in the pocket of his chainsaw trousers.
      Flipping expensive but as felt happier him having that to hand seeing it takes 20/25 mins minimum for an ambulance to get here and then it’s a 25 min to the hospital. A lot can go wrong in an hour
      Fortunately he’s never needed it!
      Probably over the top but living in very rural France can have its disadvantages.

      Right....on a brighter note (as I can see one of Snoops smiles fluttering around) tis surely time for a brew?

      Its out of date now but I’m glad he had it just for piece of mind.
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      "Nicos, Queen of Gooooogle" and... GYO's own Miss Marple

      Location....Normandy France


      • Good morning all.
        A dull start to the day but the sun is trying to come out.
        All the greehouse plants are watered and fed.
        Just rescued a bee that fell into a bucket of water and he stung me on the finger.
        Hopefully the day will improve.
        Have a good one and stay safe.

        And when your back stops aching,
        And your hands begin to harden.
        You will find yourself a partner,
        In the glory of the garden.

        Rudyard Kipling.sigpic


        • Well, we're home from the hospital. He couldn't eat or drink after midnight so they brought him a cup of tea as soon as they were done (and me a coffee) and he's just managed a couple of poached eggs on toast one-handed. The other hand is still dead and in a sling until he gets sensation back in it. The staff were all amazing.
          I'm going to pay a quick visit to the allotment shortly. One of Monday's jobs will be to get 3 panes of glass cut for the greenhouse (all shaped ones of course) that my husband smashed. I must also remember to replace the bandages and dressings in the first aid box.


          • Glad it went well at the hospital.


            • Afternoon all.

              Glad Mr is OK, GF. What a blessing you had kit to hand at the lottie. Hope he's not damaged his arm too badly and it heals well. It gives you a shock when such an accident happens.

              Belated happies Flo. Shame about the cake. Funnily enough, I always feel much more in the mood for cake baking when the weather turns hot. Can't think why, as it makes me and the house much too hot.
              Location - Leicestershire - Chisit-land
              Endless wonder.


              • Had my second AZ today, I am now invincible.
                Nestled somewhere in the Cambridgeshire Fens. Good soil, strong winds and a Giant Puffball!
                Always aim for the best result possible not the best possible result

                Forever indebted to Potstubsdustbins


                • Afternoon all,ti's warm again,belated happy birthday lass,hope you had a nice one,GF well done you,i used to take a kit with me,the first one got nicked,along with the mashing kit ext,hope he heals up ok,
                  Slowly getting sorted out here,eldest son is doing me proud,we out for another meal last night,it is a lovley bonding and relaxing time away from the walls,have a nice few winks earlier on,am still floating about in the old brain,might go down the shops and get some naughteeeeez,as well as odd bits ,by for now
                  sigpicAnother nutter ,wife,mother, nan and nanan,love my growing places,seed collection and sharing,also one of these


                  • Golly gosh, I turn my back for five minutes and it's all go here.

                    Sounds like a really nasty accident, GF. Could have been much worse if you hadn't been so prepared. I keep thinking I could do with making up a little kit that goes with me down to the veg patch. A first-aid kit, even if only basic, sounds like a good idea. One thing I should take everywhere is the garden shears. Got a very nasty bite on my leg. Very hot and very swollen... Not entirely sure what did it, but two large scolopendra got the chop today...

                    And belated birthday greetings, FF. Hope you're making a good weekend of it.

                    And sounds like you've got a gem of an eldest son, LD.

                    Had an odd day today. Went round to see a friend who's had her second jab, so she felt confident about visitors. I wasn't so sure, but she's been having a difficult lock-down. Left at 10.45, got back at 3.45. It was only supposed to be for a cup of tea. So that's the day gone, pretty much. She's been having a problem with scolopendra too. Looks like this is a plague year for rodents, slugs, snails millipedes and scolopendra. A shortage of birds to deal with them when they're small enough?

                    Anyway, hope you're all having a lovely evening, especially FF. I've put a bottle of wine in our fridge so we can join in with your celebrations, FF. That's my excuse, anyway. Smiles on the loose, grab them if you can. They're skittish seeing as I didn't let them out this morning.
                    Location: north-east Spain, where the sun is too hot, the rain too torrential, the hail too big, the wind too windy and the snow too deep. Last frost: usually mid-April, sometimes first week in May. First frost: mid-October.


                    • Glad to hear (well, read technically!) that all are either on the mend, are in good spirits, invincible or at least in the company of those who care.

                      The garden was looking lovely and plump today after it's through soaking yesterday!

                      Hope all continue to have god or at the very least, not bad weekends!
                      "Bulb: potential flower buried in Autumn, never to be seen again."
                      - Henry Beard


                      • Morning all

                        You've had rain Pete.. nothing here, we could probably use a drop but in fairness was planting out yesterday into beds with nothing in (so haven't been watered) and a couple of inches below the mulch it was plenty damp enough to grow crops.

                        Back down the lotty today, enjoy your Sunday
                        Location ... Nottingham


                        • Morning
                          A 26,000 step day yesterday. Duel dog walking of 3hrs and gardening.
                          The sun is shining so I will be planting. I seem to have an awful lot of cosmos dunno who sowed so many seeds.

                          On with dog walk 1.
                          Enjoy your day
                          Northern England.


                          • Good Morning All and Cheers Snoop, lovely wine and a different gin to share Raining here, the soft steady fall and still very warm. Have lovely Sunday
                            Granny on the Game in Sheffield


                            • Wow CG that’s a lot of walking there!!
                              Morning everyone, hope this finds you all well. Sun is shining and the birds are singing...oh those singing birds grr!!
                              Talking of birds, I was talking to my brother on the phone yesterday in the kitchen when I heard a tap tap tap on the window. Turned round to find a seagull staring in at me...yes a blooming seagull. Eventually it flew down to the lawn and proceeded to chase off the two semi feral cats we have here who were just having a leisurely snooze in the sun!!
                              I wouldn’t hang around long if it came after me either to be fair!!
                              Enjoy your Sunday, hope the weather is good for you! x


                              • Morning we've had a few spots of rain not enough to wet the ground though, we could do with a good overnight downpour. What did surprise me was the GH overnight temp it was 15.9c

                                Enjoy your Sunday
                                Location....East Midlands.


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