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  • Evening, Not long home from a stroll and the suns out for the first time today. so its turned into a nice evening to sit outside.

    That good news about Frankie calming down Snoop

    Lottie I use a shopping trolley the supermarket is less than a 10 min walk away so in all its quicker than the car.

    enjoy your evening.
    Location....East Midlands.


    • We looked around a new house today - The house was lovely (absolutely perfect in fact!) but the garden was just non existent. we spend so much time in the garden and greenhouse, i just don't think we could possibly justify it! Back to the drawing board i think...
      "Bulb: potential flower buried in Autumn, never to be seen again."
      - Henry Beard


      • Morning all. Am I first up today? I'll get the kettle on then and the toaster going.

        Quite right, Peteyd, the most beautiful house in the world is nothing without a good garden. My own garden is tiny (house built in the 70's) but the houses they put up these days practically have nothing but a parking space. I wish builders would go back to Victorian principles and stop thinking just about the bucks they can make.
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        Endless wonder.


        • Morning MH and all

          Pinch-a-punch ... August already (and I'm loving it.. )

          Kettle's on

          Location ... Nottingham


          • Morning I had a big win on the lotto......................well big for me........£3.90........almost two packets of seeds lol. Stay safe and well all.


            • Morning, congratulations Bramble, hope you had a lovely day.
              Turned out to be a beautiful day yesterday so sat in the garden and...was bored to tears. First time I’ve felt like that! Hopefully I’ll feel a bit better today.
              Really tired this morning as we are being terrorised by seagulls at the moment, the noise would drive you round the bend especially at 1am, 2am, get the picture?!!
              No excitement here other than I think we may have a cooked breakfast this morning, yum.
              Did anyone see the very bright planet in the eastern sky last night? Is it Saturn?
              Hope you all have a great day.
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              • Good Morning All Dreary weather here, cloudy and chilly. BET on the way. Have a lovely Sunday
                Granny on the Game in Sheffield


                • Morning all

                  A bit achy on the first day of August.
                  Helped SIL yesterday chop down a tree stump. Stump is about 18 inches in diameter and about four foot long. Strapped it to a sack barrow and brought it home. It now resides at the top of my garden (still on sack barrow) waiting to be turned into an anvil base. Need to get measurements to allow it to sit level then dig a hole and concrete it in. I'm not used to manual labour these days, hence the aches and pains.

                  My Majesty made for him a garden anew in order
                  to present to him vegetables and all beautiful flowers.- Offerings of Thutmose III to Amon-Ra (1500 BCE)

                  Diversify & prosper


                  • The rain is back again this morning but forecast to stop by lunchtime. I did a Battery's worth of strimming paths yesterday while it was relatively dry and must remember that it is really not sensible to do it in shorts and sandals next time. I had green legs and feet when I finished.
                    I agree about the size of modern gardens Peteyd. It will only get worse as we try and fit more and more people into the same area of land. My ideal would be a small house with a big living kitchen with a couple of useful outbuildings for my husband to mess about in and a big South facing garden. I was going to say near the sea but Jay reminded me about the seagulls so I'll scrap that part.
                    Nothing exciting on the horizon for today.....weeding later probably....some are almost tree sized....too big to float away.
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                    • Morning

                      We have sunshine so the laundry is out and I've spent time out in the garden.

                      No real plans here either GF will probably go out for a stroll later.

                      We get a lot of gulls here great flocks of the nosy things we're no where near the sea

                      enjoy your day
                      Location....East Midlands.


                      • Morning all.

                        I spoke too soon, Bren. He's back to biting today. Mostly not us but things made of thick cardboard and wood. Maybe his second set of teeth is on its way.

                        Congrats on the lottery win, FF. What seeds will you buy? And good luck house hunting, Peteyd.

                        And generally, don't overdo it, ladies and gentlemen. Be that stump removal, strimming or just sitting in the garden.

                        I have to say, my squash plants are overdoing it today. Dozens of flowers out, all heaving with bees. But every flower a male. Still. Not looking good for squash this year.

                        Cool night but another chilly one due, below 10 ºC according to the forecast. Feeling and looking very autumnal already out there, even though Mr Bones sounds like he's gearing up for summer.

                        On the cards for today: not much. But I'd better intersperse it with doing something. The dreaded tidying or sorting out paperwork. I hate both but needs must.

                        Have a good one, everyone. It's blowy out there and the smiles are all over the place. But they know they're on a mission so I'm sure they'll make it through.
                        Location: north-east Spain, where the sun is too hot, the rain too torrential, the hail too big, the wind too windy and the snow too deep. Last frost: usually mid-April, sometimes first week in May. First frost: mid-October.


                        • Good morning all.
                          Dull and breezy here this morning.
                          Nothing planned for today but I'm sure something will catchbmy eye.
                          Grandson coming for lunch and maybe a walk if it doesn't rain,
                          Happy Sunday all.

                          And when your back stops aching,
                          And your hands begin to harden.
                          You will find yourself a partner,
                          In the glory of the garden.

                          Rudyard Kipling.sigpic


                          • Afternoon n’alln’all

                            August - it’s finally here!

                            been busy nattering on on the phone and FB and WhatsApp this morning…..where has the morning gone?

                            OH has gone off to stack wood with a friend so I think I’ll potter in the kitchen.
                            I have portions of steak and ale stew to freeze for the camper so I’ll have a bit of a rummage in the freezer.
                            We have a whole lamb for the freezer arriving at some point in September so I need to make space, so I need to cook frozen meat into ready meals to put in another freezer. Always handy after an exhausting day in the garden.

                            Apart from that, no real plans for today- my domestic chores are up to date finally.

                            Ta muchly for the smiles Snoop - they loved flying around and about the phone. Tis very uplifting chatting to friends isn’t it?

                            It must be time for another brew by now surely?

                            Take care peeps - enjoy your day whatever you get up to!
                            "Nicos, Queen of Gooooogle" and... GYO's own Miss Marple

                            Location....Normandy France


                            • Thought I’d give you all a chuckle!

                              Last week whilst out in the camper I tried to take photos with OH’s phone as it’s much clearer than mine.
                              I took a few but I was disappointed as they too looked out of focus.
                              I’d mentioned this to OH and he told me they were fine . I was just thinking he was being polite but he sent them to me anyway.
                              Turns out that yes, they were fine ….it was the fact that I’d taken off my glasses to take the photo!

                              Ah the joys of getting older!
                              "Nicos, Queen of Gooooogle" and... GYO's own Miss Marple

                              Location....Normandy France


                              • ^I've started wearing my reading glasses for eating. I mean, what's the point of making an effort on presentation if it's just a blur of colours?
                                Location: north-east Spain, where the sun is too hot, the rain too torrential, the hail too big, the wind too windy and the snow too deep. Last frost: usually mid-April, sometimes first week in May. First frost: mid-October.


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