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  • Good Morning All Very dull here but still very warm, restless night in the heat. Desktop PC crashed the other day and has given up the ghost, but it doesn't owe me anything. New one being delivered today. Shopping delivery today too. Better crack on. Have a good day
    Granny on the Game


    • Good morning all.
      A dull start to the morning at 17degs.
      Busy day with domestics and then looking after grandson this evening.
      Have a good day all.

      And when your back stops aching,
      And your hands begin to harden.
      You will find yourself a partner,
      In the glory of the garden.

      Rudyard Kipling.sigpic


      • Morning all, still hot up here, not a lot done in the garden, just watering and harvesting what we need for the day. We had a very nasty train crash just up the track from us, folk in the area are in shock just now, mood kinda sombre.
        Take care all and make the most of your day.
        If I'm not on here, I'm probably fishing.
        Gardening in the NE of Scotland


        • Mornin n'alln'all

          New computer eh Flo?.... very nice We bought one back in February in the Sales and it's still in its box hidden away from all the building dust -cant wait to get it up and running! I'm glad OH is happy about setting it all up though

          Snoop , you asked about unplugging the router?... well I'm doing as I was told by OH ( rary will be impressed with that )
          When I say turned off I mean unplug everything including the surge protector.

          Well done Bramble with your painting!... it's uplifting to see it when the job is done isn't it?

's deffo not that temp here all summer-thank goodness It's now a glorious 21C at the moment so it's dropped 15C in just over a day. Bliss!

          I love thunderstorms too Janie -but from what friends and family in the uk have told us they certainly had more dramatic ones than we had!

          Lottie ! Marmite flatbreads ?... oh tell me more -how wonderful is that!!!! yummy yum!

          Looks like I'm helping with something to do with one of our soil pipes today following a sink blockage...yuk! Oh the joys of DIY...We were supposed to be taking this week off from building stuff too

          Best get on then-hold yr noses for me!

          "Nicos, Queen of Gooooogle" and... GYO's own Miss Marple

          Location....Normandy France


          • Morning,we had a squirrel in our garden yesterday,first time ever,our cat was trying to get to it but it started making a grunting noise & our cat jumped down. Then I noticed the bird seed all tipped on the floor I haven’t put any more feed out for now. This morning we had a lovely big thunder storm & a lot of rain,the plants will be happy,suns trying to come out now
            Location : Essex


            • Much cooler today I am glad to say. Maybe even cool enough to make blackberry jelly. I've been putting off picking them because the thought of all that extra heat in the kitchen made me feel like melting.
              Off to the allotment now.


              • JJ talking about animals in the garden we sat out yesterday evening watching the bats fly around our garden it's quite hypnotic watching them.
                Location....East Midlands.


                • Afternoon all,thank goodness it has cooled down,
                  NIcos the only thing i can say is,you gotta try em,i have run out,for now,i have enjoyed nibbles at least as good as chocolate,calories,what are they,good luck with the smelly one ,
                  Squirrel's are a pain,had em for several years,goodness bramble you have worked hard,bet you feel it today,
                  Burnie the train crash has been all over the news,so sad,for all involved,
                  Snoop sorted out what is needed,had to do a health and welfare as well,i thought the GP care plan on paper would be enough,the solicitor said,if social servises get involved at a later date,his wishes could be overruled,so worth double the money,dare i open my gob,LD whispers,offspring is very good,and started clearing his mess up,
                  I still intend to move providing MR agrees,we will talk together with the family,and hope he will understand enough,that i to will need some support,to help him,if he dead set against it,i have no choice but to stay,and struggle more,he has retained so far,his love and care for me and my welfare,albeit in very different format,family cannot get over another couple of weeks,in mean time,the fairy said she will help me do some painting in a couple or so of rooms,she likes painting,plus i appretiate the company and chat,have a good afternoon stay safe and positive
                  sigpicAnother nutter ,wife,mother, nan and nanan,love my growing places,seed collection and sharing,also one of these


                  • Suns beating down this afternoon, we really are not used to this up here lol.
                    As this thread has passed the 1500 posts mark I will close it and start another so you chatter boxes can get to the latest posts a bit easier.
                    If I'm not on here, I'm probably fishing.
                    Gardening in the NE of Scotland


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