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Thread: Grapevine help

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    Aristes Dave is offline Germinator
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    Aug 2008

    Default Grapevine help

    Being new to attempting to grow a grapevine I am in need of some help. I have read plenty about it on the internet but I still have a question and perhaps someone who already has knowledge about grape vines can help me out. I understand that during the first year the vine will not produce fruit. I also understand that I should not prune the vine during this first year. Here is my dilemma. Early this summer I purchase three vines from a local nursery. I transplanted these vines and now I have small bunches of grapes on two of the three vines, surprise. Apparently these vines are more than a year old. My question is, come late winter do I prune the vines or should I allow another summer of growth before I attempt to prune? Any other suggestions on grape vines from anyone would be greatly appreciated. I live in east central Pennsylvania. Thanks in advance. Dave

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    SlugLobber's Avatar
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    Apr 2008


    If the vine is like other vines (such as Kiwi), then you prune the branches that gave fruit, so yes, you would prune. Sounds like the perfect excuse to visit a local vineyard, to me!!!

    Oh and I thought you wanted help with the forum, lol!

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    Dave, suggest you do a search here in the archive, we've dealt with this question several times over the past year, including some good advice on when to prune.
    TonyF, Dordogne 24220

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    Aristes Dave is offline Germinator
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    Aug 2008


    Thanks for the responses. After I posted I thought to myself, why not just search the forum? I did and found the info that I needed.

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    torbay devon


    Hi Dave,
    although this is a forum and not an archive i would like help with vines too, either current help or past posts,
    what did you search for because i just come up with odd topics!! LOL

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