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    Being new to attempting to grow a grapevine I am in need of some help. I have read plenty about it on the internet but I still have a question and perhaps someone who already has knowledge about grape vines can help me out. I understand that during the first year the vine will not produce fruit. I also understand that I should not prune the vine during this first year. Here is my dilemma. Early this summer I purchase three vines from a local nursery. I transplanted these vines and now I have small bunches of grapes on two of the three vines, surprise. Apparently these vines are more than a year old. My question is, come late winter do I prune the vines or should I allow another summer of growth before I attempt to prune? Any other suggestions on grape vines from anyone would be greatly appreciated. I live in east central Pennsylvania. Thanks in advance. Dave

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    If the vine is like other vines (such as Kiwi), then you prune the branches that gave fruit, so yes, you would prune. Sounds like the perfect excuse to visit a local vineyard, to me!!!

    Oh and I thought you wanted help with the forum, lol!


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      Dave, suggest you do a search here in the archive, we've dealt with this question several times over the past year, including some good advice on when to prune.
      TonyF, Dordogne 24220


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        Thanks for the responses. After I posted I thought to myself, why not just search the forum? I did and found the info that I needed.


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          Hi Dave,
          although this is a forum and not an archive i would like help with vines too, either current help or past posts,
          what did you search for because i just come up with odd topics!! LOL


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