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Mouldy Garlic?


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  • Mouldy Garlic?

    I potted up some elephant garlic in Jan & today concerned with the lack of any growth I tipped out the contents of one of the pots & there was no growth at all & the bulb had some blue/green mould on it, any ideas whats going wrong?

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    Based on the info you give....I would guess at 2 possibliities

    1. The soil has become waterlogged and the bulb has begun to rot.

    2. You have something called Penicillium or blue rot

    Is it just the one pot?, was it a clove from certified seed supply?

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      It appears to be on more than one bulb, in separate pots, I've only added enough water to the pot to make the compost damp & I bought the garlic from the garden centre in a net I'm fairly sure it was from Unwins,

      Is it too late to plant more garlic now? I prefer the elephant garlic as its milder


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        I planted our elephant garlic last year ,as soon as it arrived in the post, and that was 3rd April! It's the first time we've grown it and it was a small ball by this spring- see other threads about advice I got on this. They are growing by the day now, so should be ready later on this year.Apparently, it is best planted out in the autumn to be cropped the next year. Ours will have taken 18 months but am hoping they will be huge!!!!
        Take your plants back and show them- they may replace or refund them.
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