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Small frog like insect, I think.


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  • Small frog like insect, I think.

    Was out watering this morning and spotted something on the edge of a pot.
    My eyes are not perfect, but still not to bad.
    It looked like a small frog about quarter inch long, but I had the impression it was an insect.
    Moved my hand near and it zipped away a bit like grass hopper does.

    Any ideas what it might have been ?

    Expect the worst in life and you will probably have under estimated!

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    May have been a Green Shield Beetle??


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      Don't think so, I have seen those before.
      It was thinner and it's head was a bit wider than the body.
      But I only saw it for a moment.
      Expect the worst in life and you will probably have under estimated!


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        I think I know what it was. They don't often come out during daylight hours, and tend to be seen near pubs, or small towns out in America.

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          Bit to early for a drinky even for me so I don't think it was a green man.

          Looked a bit like ..


          Expect the worst in life and you will probably have under estimated!


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            I was going to suggest Cuckoo Spit(Frog Hoppers),but that's what you've linked to anyawy.
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              are you sure it wasn't a froglet? There are hundreds about at this time of year.
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                My guess was froghopper too: a particularly apt name, seeing as how they move just like one
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                  Small frog-like insect.

                  Hi, Jimmy. I see you started this thread quite a few years ago, but I just stumbled onto it by asking the same question. I was cleaning the bathroom with the front door wide open the other evening (August, 24, 2019) in southern California, USA and a little bug flew in and landed. He was quite clumsily trying to climb up the wall to no avail. He kept landing on his back at which time I observed his remarkable abdomen. It reminded me of a sort of reptile. An iguana or lizard-type of pattern/color. What caugh my attention about him in the first place was the shape of its head. Unlike most other insects (beetles, ants, etc.) which have an abdomen, a thorax and a small head sometimes too small to have easily recognizable face-features, this one had 2) large eyes on the sides of his wide head, shaped just like a frog's! Plus, his skin looked exactly like frog skin. His head blended into his abdomen without the distinct separations that other bugs have. He had 6 legs and 2 long narrowblack wings covering his back. I was so amazed and baffled that I started taking pictures and even videos of it. I hope I can attach it to a reply here. Oh, and it was about 1/4" long. I hope to hear from anyone who knows anything about this interesting creature.


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                    Small frog-lookin' insect.


                    Oh, yay. I just had to upload it to YouTube to post this video of the neat little guy. Here it is...


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                      Hello and welcome to the vine Erin our members are mostly UK based so I doubt anyone will recognise your insect without resorting to google. All the best with your search.
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                        Looking at google pics, your little insect looks like a froghopper or leaf hopper. Leafhoppers exist in the UK, and they're green so that might be your answer Jimmy


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