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Lavender Bushes survival over winter


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  • Lavender Bushes survival over winter

    Hi, everyone,

    4 months ago I bought 4 lavender plants. I potted them and they have grown quite a lot. They're a bit bendy and floppy but otherwise seems to be healthy. As I said they are in big pots and since we are approaching winter I'm concerned they won't survive. I've currently located them between my garage and a neighbouring wall. This area is covered and let's lots of light in but in winter the sun is low and will never reach them. My questions are how to prepare them for winter, should I wrap them in something, will they be ok under the covered area or should I put them in a shed or a garage? Incidentally, should they be as floppy as that (click on picture).

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    The first growth on lavender plants will be soft and floppy and it is that that adds to the attractiveness. The plant will later become quite woody. Lavender survived the arctic type weather up here last winter without being covered or taken indoors so from that you can take it to be quite hardy


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