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Helpful links for beekeepers


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  • Helpful links for beekeepers

    Just thought we could share links to help each other out or recommend books. Please do share whatever you have found helpful.


    Simon the Beekeeper - affordable especially clotthing
    Thornes - look at bees on a budget range
    Patrick Laslett - if you e-mail him you can sign up to e-mails to see who is after or selling usually bees but also hives and honey and where in the UK.


    British Bee keepers Association - lots of info but you can use it to find your local association
    Beebase - lots more info


    Haynes Bee Manual - good starter book to read.Beware there are some American standards in there rather than British
    Beekeeping by David Wootton - a book solely aimed at looking after bees to keep things simple.

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    Oh well, crikey, my list of bee sites is so long they have their own folder, but here are a few -

    Wally Shaw's swarm control - very clear and easy guide

    How to make soft set honey

    Types of honey

    How to prepare honey for showing

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      I also love to watch 628dirtrooster's videos on youtube. He's American but it's an eye opener some of the things he does, especially catching swarms and doing cutouts.

      Mike Palmer's videos and lectures are very informative, brilliant guy, also Kim Flottum

      The Norfolk Honey Co for basic how to videos
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      • #4 biggest uk beekeeping forum. lots of expertise.Including Into The Lions Den - occasionally - UK's biggest beefarmer 3500 hives. Twitter feed UK biggest beefarmer.. a fascinating read.

 - Blog from beekeeper writing a book with interviews with commercial beekeeper. Fascinating read.

        Scientific Beekeeping US site with scientific tests of many products.. Fascinating for facts - an issue in a hobby with lots of opinions - all different.

        Blog - The Apiarist fascinating blog to read. Author works in bee research.
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          Barnyardbees is another whose youtube vids I love to watch, though you have to remember the climate in the U.S. is not the same as here.

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