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  • Newbie - Veg Plot Life Span

    Good afternoon, everyone - what an amazing website!

    I'm a newbie to veg gardening and I wondered where I can find out the life span of my veg plants, as next year due to age/kneeling limitations we are going to have raised beds.

    We moved to a rural area and have been gifted with agricultural land, if, being on top of a mountain, it's too windy to grow climbing stuff, except sweet peas.

    I've read loads of books but perhaps the wrong ones as I can't find much information after what happens after harvest.

    I have dwarf broad beans, mini corn, brussels sprouts (BIG mistake!), onions and leeks.

    Even if there's an article or a link I can go to, to find out when everything dies - I know the leeks & onions, hopefully, will be dug up for use, which effectively ends them, and the broad beans will be dug back into the soil - I just don't know when.

    Please forgive if this is a muddled question. Look forward to 'meeting' everyone, and thanks in advance.

    AM xxx

    Our memorial plot, which is dedicated to our dads:
    Click image for larger version

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    Hi and welcome to the Vine! Love your name but I'm sure your not really
    Dedicating your veg plot to your Dads is such a nice idea. I'm sure they'd be delighted by it.
    Most veg are annuals, grown, eaten and leftover bits composted during, at most, 12 months.
    There are some perennial veg, but they are the exceptions and you probably don't have any at the moment.
    Think about what parts of a veg you eat, and that will tell you when its finished. Carrots & root veg, cabbages are one offs. You destroy the plant in order to eat it.
    Beans and peas, tomatoes, sprouts, sprouting broccoli you keep picking until the end of their season. Sprouts and broccoli will be with you over winter and finish next spring.
    You need a compost bin for all the inedible bits and that will help fill your raised beds next year.
    We love questions here and are happy to help. So pull up a chair and make yourself at home


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      Hello Aunty and welcome to the Vine


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        Hello Aunty & welcome if you're growing a minipop type of sweetcorn they're ready earlier than corn on the cob type of corn,they're harvested before the chance of pollination but probably around August,before the sprouts.


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          Hi Aunty, nothing to add but wanted to say hello and welcome to the vine.

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            Hello and welcome to the vine Aunty


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              Welcome to The Vine Aunty
              Nannys make memories


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                Ditto from I! ^^^^^^^^^^^^
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                  I just have to ask: why was growing Brussels sprouts a BIG mistake? If it's because of the windy site (), you can stake them to give them more support.

                  Anyway, veggiechicken gave a good rundown. I've nothing to add either, except that some plants, like onions, tell you when it's time to harvest them because the leaves die. Others, like lettuce, tell you you've left it a bit late by sticking up a flower head. I pick leeks when I think they're big enough!

                  Also just wanted to add my hello. If there's any veg in particular you want to know about, someone on here is bound to have the answer.

                  Good luck.
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                    Welcome to the vine Aunty.

                    You've probably managed a first, since we all seem to agree! Normally you ask a question and get 6 different answers, but that's gardening for you. Don't worry if you make mistakes with things - everyone does, and there is always next year.
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                      Hello Aunty, welcome to the vine. I'm relatively new too but one thing I'm learning from many questions I've seen and posted myself on the vine is that you should just give things a try and see what happens. It won't take you long to see what works and doesn't grow in your environment.

                      Kind Regards.........Rob


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                        Hi and welcome!


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                          Hello and welcome from me too - am also curious, why were the brussels a mistake?
                 - growing fruit and veg in suburbia


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                            Hi and welcome to the madhouse, I'm another one that wants to know why sprouts are a big mistake! Sprouts are like puppies they are not just for Christmas
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                              Go my odd!!!!!

                              veggiechicken, Mr Bones, Jungle Jane, Jay-ell, Bren in Pots (my mum-in-law is a Brenda), Nannysally99, Snoop Puss, Penellype, Dynamite, SarissUK, sparrow100, Cadalot -

                              THANK YOU SO MUCH! (apologies for shouting)

                              You guys are complete superstars. I'm so honoured to be able to be a part of such a grand community.

                              Also it's people like you that make gardening fun.

                              I wish I could have you all round for a drink. Or a cuppa, whatever's your pref.

                              Maybe I should change my name to just 'Social'


                              From Planet of the Apes to Animal Farm: a record of our first year in a microscopic country village with more cows and stars than people -


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