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My first proper cauliflower!


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  • My first proper cauliflower!

    After 6 years of allotting I have finally grown a proper cauli! I've only manage to grow the odd specimen smaller than the palm of my hand, someone on the plot gave me 5 seedlings on the autumn (cant remember who now) whIch I put in, covered with a cage thing (against the pigeons) and forgot all about, I glanced in today and found 4 huge white
    caulis, just eaten cauliflower cheese for tea, what a lovely surprise.

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    Great stuff mate!
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      Wow, I'm well jealous!
      I only have one cauli plant from the 9 I planted in autumn which looks anywhere like it might produce a cauliflowers, plus about 4 stragglers and the rest died.
      Hoping for better things from my spring-sown caulis.
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        I always plant them in early spring more reliable that way. I love colflower cheese.

        Dont just use chedder try all diferant types.

        Well done.
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          My first proper cauliflower!

          Congratulations! I shall always remember my first cauli. Makes ya feel kinda proud, doesn't it. For this year, I put 4 seeds into paper pots, and 3 have germinated. When I get a minute to myself I shall introduce them to the big wide world. (The end of my garden).
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            Well done Pomeylottie! I've been eating some of my Nine Star Perennial caulis this week. Nice to have something from the lottie when there ain't much ready for harvesting innit!
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              Brilliant. I've just been growing spring planted All the Year Round and they've done well for me.
              I'd like to try some autumn planted ones this year. Anybody recommend a good one ?

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                Nice one PL, Cauliflower Cheese is lovely and probably even better when the Cauli's are yours
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