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How do you store your veg seeds?


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  • How do you store your veg seeds?


    I need some advice please as to the best way to store my veg seeds.

    I only have about 25 packets which isn't a lot to most of you guys on here I know.

    I have them in Roses chocolate tin at the minute but they are crammed in there are the packets are really bulky.

    I had the idea of making seed envelopes or buying the little brown lunch money type envelopes you used to be able to buy and just filing the coloured packets in some kind of box.

    Ideas needed please as I have a few more packets on the way!

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    i cut the top of a cardboard box, leaving a seed packet size base and then used the cuttings to make 3 seperate compartments.
    all very blue peter like. took about 5 minutes and costs nothing


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      I use one of those plastic tool boxes and use cardboard dividers to split them into the months I will be planting things in. My only problem is (according to OH anyway!!) that I take packets out and then leave them lying all over the house! Oh well, can't be expected to remember everything now can I??


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        I have one of those index boxes from the stationers with dividing cards and file them in the months they should be sown.
        the seeds are in ziplock bags still in their origional packets with a silica gel dessicant pack
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          I have gotten an air tight, water tight ammo box from a friend who bought it on E-Bay

          Has all my seeds in it.
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            Three biscuit tins for me! (I LIKE biscuits!)
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              Two cardboard cartons that used to contain wine bottles, which are then kept along with random gardening bits like plant tags, string, pencil, extra envelopes, etc, inside one larger, shallow cardboard box. There is a bit, though not much order within the cartons themselves. Tomatoes are one group, as are edible flowers, peas & beans, herbs, carrots and salad types. These groups are just kept together, not in any real order. Thrown together randomly are 2 other groups of vegetables and then another set of flower seeds I don't plan on using but haven't done anything about yet.
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                Cardboard boxes (which keep getting bigger!) for various categories, varieties kept together in those thin transparent 'envelopes' that junk catalogues arrive in. Boxes are labelled Flowers, Herbs, Salad Stuff, Legumes, Modules and (rather mysteriously) "Specials" (lol, well i know what's in each even if nobody else would!) b.


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                  Two plastic biscuit boxes one with opened packets of seeds in and the other with unopened packets. In each box I then have the seeds divided into groups in plastic food bags so that it is easy to find stuff. The box with the unopened packets is full and yet I still can't resist seeds when I see a bargain.



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                    Shoe boxes under the stairs. We've got three children under 4 - so we get through a LOT of shoes! The boxes tend to be an ideal size for seed packets. I'd like to say I had boxes for each month - but I'm really not that organised!



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                      At the moment mine are in a pile on the kitchen side waiting to be used... But i think after reading this i might swipe some ideas... ;-)


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