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  • Ailing aubergine

    Anyone got any views about what might be the problem in the photo of an aubergine leaf below?

    It's not my plant, so I will have to relay any questions you might have. In the meantime, apparently it only affects the bigger, older leaves. New leaves are unaffected. Other aubergine plants nearby aren't affected. No pests and no evident signs of a fungal problem. My first thought was scorching after rainfall, but I promised I'd ask the experts, meaning all of you.

    Click image for larger version

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    I'm pretty sure rainfall causing scorch is a myth.
    It does, however, definitely look like sun scorch. Can you ask how long those oldest leaves have been like that? Because the most likely time for a plant to get sun scorch is in the few days immediately following being planted out (if where it was being grown before had less light than its new spot then it won't be used to strong sunlight, and the leaves often get damaged as a result, usually starting with the oldest ones).


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      Thanks, ameno. I know what you mean about sun scorch after rainfall. I personally have never seen it.

      I will ask and see what the answer is.


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        Have relayed your suggestion, ameno. The plant owner says yes, sunscorch is likely, then. Thanks for your advice.


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