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Are these seed potatoes ok?


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  • Are these seed potatoes ok?

    Im new to potato growing, I've just received an order of seed potatoes (see photo). Notice the 10 or so large shoots that have been ripped off the tubers during transit. Some of the shoots that are still attached look limp and broken and well, rotten, there is a very slight smell coming off them. Is this perfectly fine and normal or will my potatoes be adversely effected? The tubers themselves are not soft and from my limited knowledge appear to be ok.

    Would really appreciate any help anyone is able to offer.
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    Yes they're fine, just not had enough sunlight to keep the sprouts short. Some people would run them clean, but I'd just plant as is trying not to break the long sprouts off.


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      If the broken sprouts are still green they can also be planted for a crop of smaller tubers a little later in the season.
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        I agree with Nick, they'll be fine but maybe take off the damaged shoots before planting, especially any that are soft or smelly.
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          Thanks for the replies, thats a relief. And interesting to know I could plant the broken shoots for a crop of smaller potatoes.


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