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Chillies - growing and overwintering 2021


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  • Chillies - growing and overwintering 2021

    Here’s last years thread for reference...

    Lets hope we’re in for a great chilli growing year!

    Anyone sown their seeds yet?...I keep looking at mine...
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    Too soon for me to sow mine, as I will be growing all of my peppers outdoors.

    The ones I'm overwintering my my conservatory are doing well, though. The ones which were originally in pots are all still in full leaf and bright green, and the three I dug up from the allotment and potted up are doing okay - the leaves are a bit pale and droopy, but they don't look too bad and have looked the same for more than a month, so aren't getting any worse.

    I also left one potted plant outside, right by the back wall of the house, as I didn't have room in the conservatory. It was actually still alive until a few days ago, but we've had really hard frosts these last two nights, and they've finished it off.
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      Bought a grow light thing last year so we can start early and give them what they need. Also anticipating being able to give them attention as I suspect I won't be back in the office until mid-summer at the earliest; working from home is great for looking after chillies. So today I sowed:
      Prairie Fire
      Hawk's Claw
      Bangalore Torpedo

      Already agreed a swap with my ex-boss for some orange habañero and early jalapeño.


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        This years chill's i hope will be .
        from my son.
        Naga Morich
        7 pot brain strain
        Red savina
        Bhut jolokia
        Trinidad scorpion red

        and some old seeds

        Dong Xuan no
        Black naga no
        Tam jalapeno yes
        Cajamarca no
        Kashmiri no
        Numex bailey piquin yes
        Turbo pube x Alberto's locoto cross no

        all in plastic bags , to see if any of them sprouts.
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          I got out my boxes of seeds yesterday and got a bit carried away... Ended up planting up a 24 cell tray with a big mix of chillies and stuck two seeds into each module too for good measure!
          Got it sitting on a windowsill with a 15w vivarium heat mat underneath, just the right size for a standard seed tray.
          Sweet peppers:
          Super Amy
          Golden Bell
          Numex Big Jim

          Medium hots:
          Jalepeno Biker Bill (3rd gen saved)
          T&M jalepeno
          Bulo bulo
          Trenton farmer's market Scotch bonnet
          Comet tail
          Numex Bailey piquin
          Numex lemon spice
          Biquino vermelho
          Bahamian goat

          Super hots :
          Chocolate Carolina reaper
          Seven pot bubblegum
          Bleeding heart peach

          ... I'm gonna need a bigger windowsill!


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            And lemon drop

            Tangerine dream
            Mila , bulgarion.


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              The office chilli (Serrano) that I rescued at the start of the corona situation in March is still going. It was planted in Jan 2019. It's in a small pot, looking fairly straggly, but still producing the odd flower and fruit. My aim is now to keep it alive until we're back in the office.
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                I'm under orders to grow less chillies and peppers next year.............................what??????? However I haven't done as I'm told before so unlikely to start know lol.
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                  Glad to hear that Burnie.


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                    Not really into chilling growing. Last year I grew one plant of a variety just called Thai. It produced small chilies about 2ins long that packed a punch. What was left at the end of the season I froze. However my Daughter wanted some seed so before Christmas I took a red one out of the freezer and put some seeds on damp paper to test for germination, not expecting anything to happen. Well 6 seeds germinated and not wanting to waste them I planted them about two weeks before Christmas. I now have 5 plants couple of inches high. At the same time I planted 6 Scotch bonnet seeds and have 5 of those as well.

                    Perhaps I will start growing chilies in earnest!!
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                      I have some I got for free I'm sowing. At what point can I sow in an unheated propagator? Or is a polythene bag a better choice?



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                        I'm gonna resist the urge to a) sow before the last week in Jan and b) grow way too many superhots again.

                        ​​​​​Having said that my friend has some 7 pot primo seeds which I've alway wanted to grow but never quite trusted the suppliers that said they had the seeds. These have come from the states and by all accounts are the real deal. So I'll be growing those for sure. And the usual Moruga Scorpians as they are great for sauces and actually quite nice for a super hot. And fatalii as they are really nice. 7 pot Nebru too. And a Dorset Naga...

                        Other than those hot ones lots of jalepenos, piri and ring of fire. And a selection from the seed swap. Maybe a giant white Hab too as the peppers are really pretty.

                        Absolutely not growing more than 25 plants .
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                          Originally posted by .commander View Post
                          I have some I got for free I'm sowing. At what point can I sow in an unheated propagator? Or is a polythene bag a better choice?

                          No earlier than February, certainly.
                          An unheated propagator would need to go on a windowsill in the house, rather than in a greenhouse, or it won't be warm enough for the seeds to germinate. However, this time of year lack of light is just as much a problem as lack of heat, so if you sow too early they won't have enough light to grow properly.


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                            Thanks a lot. My lad is too eager 😅


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                              The grow lights are waiting to be set up the table. 2 lots have germinated , and are now in pots


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