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  • Smelly water butt water

    Hi there, wasn't sure where to ask this question so I'll try here. I have a big water butt for collecting rainwater off my greenhouses, there is a grape vine growing behind it and over the winter months leaves and old grapes have fallen off onto the top of the butt (covered with a fine mesh to stop stuff fallling into the water) but the water in the butt has risen so high the dead stuff has been sitting in it for weeks and weeks. When I drew some water off it didn't half stink. Will this water be bad news for my plants? I've not used it for my new plants in the greenhouse.
    I've cleared all the rotten stuff from the top now and the water doesn't seem to smell as much now.
    Many thanks

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    You mustn't use water from butts on seedlings as it can cause damping off, on other plants in the garden I don't see why you can't use stinky water! Maybe not on leaf crops as you don't want to eat stinky water!


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      If you steep nettles or comfry in water the result is a very smelly brew but a good source of plant food (liquid manure). I suspect that's what's happened here, although I'm not sure grape vine manure would be beneficial to your plants. I think now would be a good time to empty out the butt and give it a spring clean.
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