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  • Walk in Wonderwall

    Does anyone have one of these, and if so, what do you think?

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    Dorothy I've found a link from last year hope this helps.
    Location....East Midlands.


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      Thank you, I’ve had a look at the comments, I get these ‘bright ‘ ideas now and then!

      still unsure!


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        I was looking at this thread & they seem quite good,one comment says theirs took four inches of snow (with extra supports) but the top net can be untied.
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        Location : Essex


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          We have the 12m one and we are really happy with it. Grew some great produce in there and so far it has fielded off quite a few storms without any issues. 🙂


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            We've had one for about 8 years and it has been brilliant.I got it because the pigeons were eating everything.It's really easy to maintain and we've had no problems with it.


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              Do the larger holes along the seams allow unwanted bugs like cabbage white through?

              How is this attached to the ground?

              Anybody got picture to share as those on the old post no longer available, also any links to this from the web would be appreciated.


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                No bugs can get in as long as you make sure the door is properly sealed and there are no gaps at the bottom.

                You put it up in a similar way to a polytunnel in that you put up a frame then put the net on. In this case it is in 2 parts.

                I do have some photos but can't share until I've made 10 posts.


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                  Thanks for your comments much appreciated.


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