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Chilli & Pepper Seed Circle 2017


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  • Chilli & Pepper Seed Circle 2017

    Yes, I know I'm early but it will give you lot time to plan!

    Save 1 variety of chilli with 4-6 seeds per pack. Last year we had to save 5 packs of each variety.

    Please offer a variety pepper that is little interesting or unusual than your average cayenne seed - we all have a half empty pack of those in the bottom of our seed boxes...try for something a little different. We can finalise the details later on in the growing season when you have a better idea on which ones that are doing well.

    Peppers and chillies are a little more difficult to save seed, they often don't fruit and they can cross with each other. You can isolate one in the house, or one in the GH, bag the plant or a flower or use the glue method.

    DIY Pepper Seed Saving Instructions from The Real Seed Catalogue

    # Please save seed from a good source - no F1s or from plants that have been grown from seed from a chilli found in the bottom of the fridge.

    Cconfirmed in red
    Scarlet - Royal black
    Jack - Nigel's outdoor +
    M's T
    Mitzi - Aji Omnicolor. Can also send Scotch Bonnet MoA if people want it?
    Thelma - Mila's Bulgarian sweet peppers and possibly Hungarian Hot Black Wax
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    Ooooh yes please, I'm in again! - growing fruit and veg in suburbia


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      Brill ! In at No.1 Sparrow.


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        Dare i say no 2 ?

        list so far, still need to buy my manzano and another hotty.

        Nigels outdoor chilli- apparently it does what it says on the tin so will be grown on lottie, totally isolated.( real seeds)
        Red Basque chilli ( real seeds )
        Lemon Drop
        Ring of fire
        Red Habs.

        Just ordered and final additions, unless im tempted by a plant later on

        Black Naga
        Chilli Rocoto La Paz Rojo
        AOC Piment d' Espelette Basque Chilli Peppers
        Also now growing

        Curry Chilli and
        Cherry bomb

        above due to "freebies" from
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          Just to be awkward I will do a one way ticket (send them in but noting in return) I am being good for 2017

          I can't actually remember what I have apart from Rocoto Marlene and Aji Pineapple and they are from a supplier I haven't used before so will wait and see how it goes.

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          Pea + Bean Seed Saving Circle 2020
          Flower Seed Saving Circle 2020



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            Originally posted by Norfolkgrey View Post
            Just to be awkward I will do a one way ticket (send them in but noting in return) I am being good for 2017
            I'm impressed! I don't have your (or any) will-power where seeds are concerned.
   - growing fruit and veg in suburbia


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              Me ME
              hopeing to grow

              Biquinho Yellow

              Goronong yellow


              just testing the seed out in the A/G.
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                Go on then!

                Just ordered a "Vitopod" and another light! (Ssshhh! Don't tell our lass, she go barmy!) ......
                "Knowledge is knowing a tomato is a fruit, wisdom is knowing not to put it in a fruit salad"


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                  I'd like to join in, if i may. My grow list is in the other thread, plus I've added Bahamian goat pepper to the list, having been gifted some recently. I won't be saving seeds from the F1s like Chenzo and Etna.


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                    Jack, ive got some red manzano seed if you want some?


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                      Oh please Scarlet
                      ill send an sae off on receipt of your pm
                      there gain, may have your adress in folder, will check, head hurts


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                        Yes please....

                        Lots sown already so will pick something from all of them
                        I dream of a better tomorrow, where chickens can cross the road and not be questioned about their motives....

                        ...utterly nutterly


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                          I'm hoping to save enough seeds of Mila's Bulgarian sweet peppers and Hungarian Hot Black Wax peppers, if that's ok?
                          They're the ones I save every year - so you are probably fed up with them by now, though


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                            Nope, not at all! Good to keep our seed varieties fresh...
                            I've done the list so far


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                              Still far too early in the season to know what will be successful, but I'm certainly aiming to isolate and save seeds from Sugar Rush peach, if that is of interest?


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