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VSP - Cucurbit, Lettuce Family and Miscellaneous Seed Requests


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  • VSP - Cucurbit, Lettuce Family and Miscellaneous Seed Requests

    This section of the VSP will open from 01 NOVEMBER 2017.

    The Virtual Seed Swap is where you can swap seeds you don’t want for ones you do. It's open to everyone who has been a member for 3 months or more, who has made more than 50 posts in the last 3 months and who has a UK return address.

    This particular section will be open for swaps between 01 January and 30 April and then 01-30 November. It will close for the rest of the year so that I can get on with growing too.

    Look through the lists of Cucurbit family, Lettuce family and Miscellaneous seeds and decide what you want. Post your request on this thread together with what you plan to send in. I will PM you with my address if the swap is accepted - please read the fine print below.

    Then send me your seeds, together with a copy of what you want in return & your Vine name, a self-addressed envelope/sticky label and enough stamps for return postage. There is no kitty or slush fund to beef up missing stamps. I will return any excess postage.

    Please add a sender’s address on the envelope in case it goes astray in the postal system.

    As a guide for the numbers of seeds expected:
    5-10 seeds for cucurbits, aubergines
    30-50 seeds for lettuce family
    Minimum 15 seeds for the rest of the miscellaneous group

    Please write legibly on each packet:
    • Type
    • Variety
    • No of seeds
    • Your Vine name
    • Sow by dates or date seeds collected
    • Anything else you think is needed; such as 'self saved', ‘from Real Seeds’ etc.

    Please make sure the packets that you send in are properly sealed.

    The fine print:
    A maximum of 20 packets will be sent out at a time. There is no limit on the number of packets you can send in, but it must be at least equal to the number of packets you are requesting.

    I will only swap variety for variety, i.e. 10 packs of the same seed will not be accepted as a swap for 10 different varieties. If you want to add something new to the Miscellaneous collection, please do make a case for it in your request and bear in mind the other sections of the VSP.

    If there are 3 or more packs of a particular variety in the VSP, it will be marked as FULL and no more of that variety will be accepted until these seeds have been requested. This will prevent a build-up of common varieties that no one wants.
    Last edited by sparrow100; 10-09-2017, 09:01 PM. - growing fruit and veg in suburbia

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    Hi Sparrow. This isn't a request but a small correction. Orange Hungarian in the winter squash list is a butternut type, so it's not C. maxima but C. moschata.


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      Lovely, thanks v much Zelenina. Will amend it. - growing fruit and veg in suburbia


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        not done this type of swap before, so you can tell me to naff off if its
        i have to swap ,

        Early Spring Burpless F1
        Beth Alpha

        Lamb,s lettuce



        would they be ok to swap,.
        Last edited by Ms-T; 09-02-2017, 04:15 PM.


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          That's all lovely thanks! What would you like back out? (other than Turk's Turban?)
 - growing fruit and veg in suburbia


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            Please may i have:-)

            patty pan Yellow Scallop ?...did i read that right

            Cornichon de Paris

            Winter Squash
            Spaghetti (c.pepo)
            Turks Turban (c.maxima)

            and surprise me with something,,lol


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              Sure - lucky dip included! Will PM with address.
     - growing fruit and veg in suburbia


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                Thanks Sparrow ...dose it look like i am getting a allotment..ha ha


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                  Hi Sparrow. I have to swop;

                  Cucumber - Wautoma (S/S) - I know its not on the list but its really nice. Tasty, crops well (last year I had 101 cucumbers from 5 gh plants that were started late), open pollinated to you can save seed as long as there are no other cucs about (none within at least half a mile radius from mine last year). Not watery, flavoursome, best picked about 4-5 inches long, and stores well in the fridge.

                  Sorrel - packet doesnt say what type but think its red-veined

                  Corn salad/Lambs lettuce - coquille de louviers - has stood up really well over winter.

                  If these are ok could I have;

                  Winter squash - Spaghetti and Uchiki Kiri, and Asparagus pea pretty please?
                  Last edited by happyhumph; 15-02-2017, 09:53 PM. Reason: Info re cucumber seeds saved last year
                  Another happy Nutter...


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                    Ms-T your seeds arrived today - beautifully wrapped too! Will send out your seeds tomorrow morning.

                    HH - yes that's absolutely fine, will PM an address, though let me know if you change your mind about the asparagus pea...
           - growing fruit and veg in suburbia


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                      Thanks Sparrow.


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                        Thanks sparrow - can I change asparagus pea to tomatillo Dr Wynchs yellow please?
                        Another happy Nutter...


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                 - growing fruit and veg in suburbia


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                            Hoping to get to a post office tomorrow or Tuesday to get seeds in the post to you sparrow!
                            Another happy Nutter...


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                              Hi Sparrow! I have been sorting through my seeds and have a 'swap' list - can you let me know if these are ok to swap / not swap (not necessarily all in one go! )

                              Courgette Zucchini Mr Fothergills
                              Courgette All Green Bush Mr Fothergills
                              Cucumber Marketmore Sarah Raven x2
                              Cucumber Esmarald Mr Fothergills
                              Pumpkin Rouge vif d'Etampes Mr Fothergills
                              Lambs Lettuce Valentin Mr Fothergills
                              Lettuce Salad Bowl Green Mr Fothergills
                              Lettuce Salad Bowl Red & Green Mixed Mr Fothergills
                              Lettuce Cos Little Gem Sarah Raven
                              Lettuce All Year Round Sarah Raven
                              Lettuce Red Salad Bowl Sarah Raven x2
                              Lettuce Little Gem Mr Fothergills
                              Lettuce Lolla Rossa Sarah Raven
                              Lettuce Red & Green Salad Bowl Mixed Mr Fothergills x2
                              Lettuce Mixed Mild Leaves Mr Fothergills
                              Mustard Ruby Streaks Johnsons
                              Radicchio Cesare Mr Fothergills
                              Rocket Rocket Mr Fothergills x3
                              Rocket Annual Suttons
                              Aubergine Black Beauty Mr Fothergills
                              Aubergine Bellazza Nera Johnsons



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