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  • Salvia cuttings

    I took some salvia amistad softwood cuttings in autumn and they have rooted well. They are in the greenhouse which is unheated and have done ok, but I know that salvia amistad can be a bit tender so just wondering whether to leave the cuttings there as am going to move them to individual pots now. Has been down as low as minus 4 in the gh over the last few weeks. Only option really would be to bring them inside. Any thoughts or advice?

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    Not grown those, but other tender plants get a bit of help when I pot them on, the weather is forecast to warm up a bit over the coming week, will they be ok to sit where they are for a few more days? Can you cover them at night with fleece?
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      Have done that thanks. Quite chuffed that taking he cuttings worked, gets me a new plant for free!


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        So the cuttings got frost damaged when we had that really cold recent spell where temps went down to minus 6-8 despite being covered in fleece. One in particular has lost nearly all its leaves. Think they might just have survived though.


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          I have some penstemon cuttings in my greenhouse and they've come through that really cold snap ok. I have them up on a table, as I've read that higher up gets less cold. My greenhouse always drops below zero in winter, I think it just brings protection from wind and wet rather than anything else.

          I read of people down south with all kinds of tender things overwintering in their unheated greenhouses, and wish it worked for me too.
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