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    Brilliant VC...and such a bonus that you can stand up in all of it


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      I was waiting for summat like that, Scarlet.
      Its a Duck or Grouse run.


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        Well done you ,i gota do something different with mine in the better weather,good idea about the positioning of it,for the sunny days you get where you are ,have to not that 1 in our garden,
        sigpicAnother nutter ,wife,mother, nan and nanan,love my growing places,seed collection and sharing,also one of these


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          I've moved it there because its a poor spot for growing - with next door's conifers roots and shade. The ground also sloped away to the south and there is hedge bank to the west which limited me.
          I wanted to be able to step in straight off the path and have the coop just inside the door so I could stay out of the muck. With the old coop I had to walk across one run, to reach the inner run where the coop was. The roof had deteriorated and it was very muddy and slippy underfoot so not good after dark, when shutting them in.


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            It looks semi-transportable VC. You need four sets of wheels off portable goal posts then you can move it around the garden!
            Good idea with the pond liner btw,I was looking at ways to try and keep my run dry and I have access to a portable cricket wicket rubberised cover which I was going to use as a pond liner but will probably have enough left over for my chook run as well!
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              No chance of moving it around my meandering garden Snadge - its difficult enough with a wheel barrow.
              Pond liner is great for roofing, comes in huge sheets (so no joins) and is quite cheap. My small shed has been roofed with it and has stayed dry for a couple of years now.


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                Originally posted by Scarlet View Post
                Brilliant VC...and such a bonus that you can stand up in all of it
                And there was me thinking the shallow end was to help you catch the chickens


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                  Originally posted by veggiechicken View Post
                  The girls moved into a new run today. Its taken 5 days to build but it'll be worth it

                  First, clear a space.


                  Order wood, wait for delivery (Monday)

                  Construct timber frame. Salvage door from old chicken run and rehang(Tuesday)

                  Add roof timbers (Wednesday)

                  [ATTACH=CONFIG]78470[/ATTACH] [ATTACH=CONFIG]78469[/ATTACH]

                  Cover roof with pond liner! Attach wire netting all round. Lay wire netting in trench on outside of run and bring it out by a foot. Bury netting with earth and chippings and weight down with slabs, bricks, logs, whatever. (Thursday)

                  Dismantle coop and nest box and disinfect. Put legs on a pallet to make a stand for both
                  Move "coffee table" to run for treadle feeder and water.
                  Add chooks and wait for them to lay an egg. (Friday)

                  [ATTACH=CONFIG]78471[/ATTACH] [ATTACH=CONFIG]78472[/ATTACH]

                  I can see the coop from the kitchen which is a bonus, as the old run was tucked away out of sight. I'm keeping the old run fenced and will use it for growing stuff, at the end of the season the chooks can go back in it to clear and dig it.

                  The sloping roof (8' at the front & 4' at the back) should be better than the old flat roofed run as leaves collected on it and the rain water puddled.

                  The run is oriented roughly North/south with North on the high side. At midday, the roof shades the run but morning and afternoon sun isn't blocked and the last of the setting sun, in the west, should shine into their coop entrance

                  Its 4.8m long and 2.4m wide. During the day, they free range in the garden with me.
                  Full marks for Ingenuity and craftsmanship.....Great positioning....good to be able to watch over them from the kitchen ......(Its not too near for the 'Smell' I hope).....Mind I expect the Chooks will soon get used to it eh .. Lol
                  But watch out when they get the first 'Waft' of Sage and Onion.....They might get a bit Spooky..
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                    Always wanted to keep some chickens.
                    With the current crisis I think it's time.
                    Can't get any eggs delivered for love nor money.
                    I think the details on this post should give me a good start.
                    Couple of initial questions..
                    I was going to build from planks and clad the roof and sides with roofing felt, would that be OK?
                    Would a broom handle be OK for the perch.

                    I will assemble everything first and the aquire a couple of chickens.

                    Expect the worst in life and you will probably have under estimated!


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                      Building it from planks should be ok but keep a close eye on things if you use roofing felt as it can hide mites.

                      As to the broom shank - I think I once read that chickens find it more comfortable to perch on something flatter with rounded edges. Or perhaps get hold of a fallen branch from tree?

                      Mind you....I don't have any chickens yet so don't take my advice as gospel. I'm just going on what I've read elsewhere I'm sure one of the others who DO have some lovely ladies will have better advice
                      If I'm not on the Grapevine I can usually be found here!....


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