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Essential storecupboard ingredients for keeping chooks?


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    Same here, my dose is measured as two 'sloshes' per drinker no ill effects noticed!


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      Thx, I'm assuming it's something to do with pasteurisation then. The stuff in the supermarket was indeed expensive, even though it's local! So I'll visit our nearest cider farmer and see if he sells vinegar too, and failing that I'll ask on the anglo info forum if anyone knows of a local horse supply place - there must be one somewhere cos there are stables around! And 'sloshing' sounds great, a bit like the way I cook really...
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        ..I've started using vitamins and a probiotic for spells of cold weather. No idea if its helping but was recommended it as a 'pick me up'.....(for the hens).

        If it works I'll try it myself.
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          I've given mine a dose of yoghurt recently as I noticed a sticky botty. A wash and brush up sorted it too.
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              New chicken lady

              I have read all your suggestions for the lady in France, but can you educate me on some of the products you have talked about.
              Apple Cider Vinegar: why the horse kind and not the household kind, what is the difference. And how much and how often.

              Hot mash: I have heard of this ( my grand dad made it when I was a child) but how on earth do you make it.

              I am new to poultry keeping and am really interested on any tips.
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                ..just thought this thread may be of interest???

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