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Low wigwam for beans?


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  • Low wigwam for beans?

    I have a space to put 3 wigwams for beans (and 1 sweetpea) but because I share the garden its requested that they are quite low as not to block the light (its a narrow garden and they're in the middle).
    But my research suggests that 4ft is too low for most beans, which would prefer 6-8ft.

    So I wondered if anyone had suggestions for certain bean varieties that would be okay on a short wigwam, or other ideas if you had this restriction?!


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    Hi and welcome
    Off the top of my head you could:-
    Grow dwarf French beans
    Once the beans reach the top, pull them down to grow horizontally.
    Let them do their own thing as, when they run out of something to climb on, they'll flop down anyway.
    Straddle the wigwam wider, so that they have more cane to twine around lower down
    or you might get some ideas from this thread
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      Climbing beans will happily grow along the ground but its easier to pick the beans if they are elevated. A low wide wigwam should suffice but you would need to be able to reach the centre from the side to pick the beans.
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        my local self pick farm used to grow runner beans in rows about 4 feet high, much the same as you'd grow raspberries, posts with wires strung between. The beans simply ran sideways along the wires when they reached the top. Instead of 3 wigwams could you set up 3 rows of canes with string stretched between them?
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