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  • Young fruit plants

    I couldn't turn up a good Groupon deal. I have ten plants (two each of goosegog, raspberry, blackberry, blackcurrant and rhubarb) and, whilst I have no idea what variety any of them are, the wee plugs all arrived in excellent nick. I potted them immediately and watered them and, so far, they seem quite happy although it's only been a few hours!

    My question is, can they go out on my plot with winter coming? I know they're all hardy plants, but they are small. Will they be OK or should I wait until spring? Outside with fleece/mulch? Grateful for any advice!
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    get them into their positions now, while the soil is still warm and they will be growing a healthy root system over the winter, just because the tops look scraggy or dead, don't be confused, there is major growth going on under the soil, the plant will be getting ready to put on loads of top growth, the following winter will be enlarging the root system to start producing fruit, depending on the type of plant. put them into the ground, give them a good mulch, and go and have a cup of tea , as that's it, all done


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