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No flowers on strawbs or blueberries?


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  • No flowers on strawbs or blueberries?

    I'm new to the forum and new to fruit growing. I've read on the forum for a bit and hope someone can maybe offer some advice for me?
    I bought 20 bare rooted florence (late) strawberries in March and they're doing really well in troughs and hanging baskets. They're in a walled garden and get a lot of warm sun. Unfortunately I don't have any flowers just loads of new big leaves. I think they may be slightly overcrowded in the troughs but as the others aren't flowering either I'm wondering if there's something I've done wrong?
    I also got myself 3 gorgeous 'bluecrop' blueberry plants which I'm growing in large pots in acidic soil and haven't seen a single flower yet on any of these.
    Am I being impatient (due to the late start of spring), are these late flowering types or have I cocked up somewhere?

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    I picked my 2nd punnet of strawbs today: you definitely need flowers to get fruit. Yours are only babies? So you may not get any fruit this year
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      It can take quite a while for flowers to form. Also your plants, both strawberries and blueberries are very new and are both perennials (last for several years and may not fruit the first year).


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        I have just noticed a white mould on some of my strawberries any help would be great thanks biddy


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