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Which self fertile eating apple to buy?


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  • Which self fertile eating apple to buy?

    I fancy an apple tree to plant in a large pot in my allotmrent. I would like it to be self fertile as there are no other apple trees around and I only want one!

    I like the taste of Cox's and Russets so a similar tasting apple would be ideal, but anything interesting would do !

    I could of googled this question but would prefer personal recommendation from some of the grapes, if possible!
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    There is a self fertile Cox clone around Snadger try Dobies or Marshalls catalogues.
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      Have a look on the Ken Muir site - they have a pretty good selection and the info is very easy to follow.

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        Why not try one of the three varieties gravfted on to the one tree. I know someone who bought one of these and it grew quickly to a nice small tree size and produced loads of fruit. Nice to get three types of fruit off the one tree.


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          I was looking at the Ken Muir book last night and they had a couple of nice looking self fertile apple varieties. I'm interested in these also cos I don't think the budget will stretch to two trees just yet
          Kirsty b xx


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            Queen Cox is a good variety and is self fertile. I always get a good crop off mine.
            Best wishes
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