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Lottie Poly-build (in progress)


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  • Lottie Poly-build (in progress)

    So, the recent storms brought about some devastating effect to my Quiktent Polytunnel. It didn't cost too much but I only managed a single season. So taking my sis' advice and researching online I'm now in the process of using up more my lottie space with a larger home built Poly.

    Thought i'd also document as best as I can, hopefully this will be complete in the next few weeks, but hopefully it helps others - any tips would be much appreciated.


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    What do you intend to do - as this may help others suggest things!
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      Not good - Reuse was out so my sis suggested the Scaffold Polypipe combination which I agreed with. So maximising my space, first thing was to source the Scaffold and Pipe (35mm)

      I managed to get some Gas pipe to put inside the 50mm scaffold poles (and bolted in) Timber added by using genuine Polytunnel supply brackets (corner and intermediate-clamps).

      Painting done and I'm nearly ready for the Horticultural Polythene (still got a day planned to strengthen and fasten before Polythene is ready to be put on).

      Will prepare that next weekend.

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        Poly Build

        Originally posted by veggiechicken View Post
        What do you intend to do - as this may help others suggest things!
        Just trying to diarise my progress with it - hopefully it helps others.

        My far-away side will have net with door & window at opposite sides (window with automatic opener I got cheap from B&Q recently)

        Trying to keep costs minimal (apart from the Horti Polythene)

        Cheers J


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