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I Gotta Lottie I Gotta Lottie I Gotta Lottie I Gotta Lottie I Gotta Lottie!!!


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  • I Gotta Lottie I Gotta Lottie I Gotta Lottie I Gotta Lottie I Gotta Lottie!!!

    Sorry just a tad excited!!! *jumping up and down like a mad woman*

    I'll explain...

    I've been on the 'list' for almost exactly two years and have been container gardening in my back yard / patio. I got contacted today go to and see one and its a new allotment. It opened December 2010, 77 plots, in an area which was part of what i think was a playing field at the bottom of a nature reserve (big hill). The site is pretty flat and has a solar powered pump into a borehole for water.

    I need to go down to meet the lady from the council to look at it and i would appreciate some help on what questions i need to ask and what i should be aware of. It is 21.50 rent (not sure what is included yet) but there is another allotment at the corner of the local woods which is 14 rent but only 19 plots but i don't really want to wait even longer lol

    I know chickens aren't allowed.
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    I understand that you have procured the rental of an allotment of land for the purpose of growing vegetables!
    Well done, that woman.


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      Congratulations, I'm excited for you!

      21.50 sounds like a good price, my local council charges...
      Up to 125 m - 55
      Over 125 and up to 170 m - 77
      Over 170 and up to 250 m - 110
      Over 250 m - 154

      I wouldn't hold out for another for the sake of 7.50
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        Good for you, Now the work starts lol. Just enjoy it, the only possible questions i would ask is: Are greenhouses and/or sheds allowed and can you grow fruit trees. Give that a try and good luck.
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          How bizarre Jardiniere, I was just about to say that judging from the title, this post seems to be about someone aquiring a piece of land to grow on....


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            I miss read it as lotto, thought someone had won the jackpot!

            Congrats on your plot, defo take it. If the other one becomes available, take that, and give up your other one if it's more favourable. I did, but typical, it was after I'd planted the other one all up


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              Brilliant news when anyone gets their lottie. I was on the waiting list for 2 years aswell.

              Also, great news that 'new' lotties are being created. More of the same please.
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                Well done SM, now get ready for the hard work!
                Granny on the Game


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                  Make sure you know the size of it so you can plan your beds at home, after dark, when you won't be at your lottie.

                  Good luck and enjoy.


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                    Great news......enjoy your new addiction.....

                    Loving my allotment!


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                      Congratulations. You are going to have some fun this spring
                      Whooops - now what are the dogs getting up to?


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                        Congratulations and I hope you managed to sleep OK last night because your head must be full of plans just now


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                          I thought you had a lottie of unsown seeds (like me)
                          Perfect timing for a new allotment but you'll be very busy for a while! May the sun shine on you and your plot!


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                            congratulations,and yes,i can well understand your excitement,pics if you can please and just in time to get a start,pleased for you,
                            sigpicAnother nutter ,wife,mother, nan and nanan,love my growing places,seed collection and sharing,also one of these


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                              Hurumph :/

                              *less jumping like a mad woman and more head tilted to side with a sad face on*

                              The good:
                              The plot is new and un trashed so nothing to clear so could plant straigt away
                              There is a new 'shed' ish
                              Secure and almost no vandelism for a year
                              There is a choice of plots
                              Disabled raised plots so great carpark and access
                              Water from a borehole (i think its good?)

                              The Bad:
                              It's 8 meters by 4 meters or 4 meters by 2 meters!!
                              No chickens
                              No Fruit trees
                              The 'shed' are all plastic and joined together at the bottom of the field so no personal rain butt, no window... not big enough to 'go in' but can store tools which i need. (i had pictures of me hiding from the rain, drinking my tea and talking to my plants )
                              Its actually 26 allotment rent and 26 to rent the shed (1 a week is still cheap but for 8x4 or 4x2?)

                              I appreciate being offered something but its smaller than my raised beds that i had before i moved house

                              Even though it's small i know i will enjoy it, i could wait for another plot to become vacant in the future if thats allowed?

                              I can hear in the back of my head 'It took me two years to get this scrap of mud and it's mine mine mine!!!' lol

                              Thank you for all your congratulations and kind words... i think typing my thoughts out have made me clear that I want it and actually quite excited, i still have all my containers at home which are fine for my tomeatos,peas, herbs etc that i use daily...! I'll definatley take a few photos

                              The lady from the council is on holiday for a week and has reserved the plot for me so she can bring the paperwork down when she gets back so at least i can have a think.
                              Thanks for listening

                              GYO Photos, Pests, Problems and luvvin it!!


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