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    Just taken over an allotment covered in brambles, the council have said that they will clear it for me by spraying and then to rotovate it for me is this a good idea or is it better for me to dig the allotment rather than have it rotorvated. Is there anyone with any sound advice.
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    Hello and Welcome!

    Sorry can't help with your question but I'm also interested in the answer as I'm thinking of taking on a second lottie and getting the council to clear it. I've had one for a couple of weeks and boy is it hard but satifying work clearing it. Wanted the council to do it for the time element really.


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      Hi Mervyn, 1957 was a good year Welcome to the vine. If they spray it first it should be OK as that will kill any perennial weeds. Any that come up after that are annuals & you can deal with these ever so easy. If you happen to get any perennials come back up the fact tha they are small will make them easier to deal with any way.

      I understand where you are coming from regarding doing it by hand but this will give yuo a flying start so you could dpend that time in planning what you are going to grow & in what quantities.
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        Hi Mervyn, and welcome to the vine!

        We have recently taken over a plot near home, which was 8' deep in weeds, tho thankfully no bramble problem! We've elected to clear it by hand, as we are then hoping to get as much of the roots out as possible and to stay organic, but if the job looks too big then I'd say go with what nick suggests, he's usually spot on with his advice!
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          I would burn it off then cover it in grass cuttings and leaves then rotovate the lot in.

          If you are on clay like me if you just rotovate then the next time it rains and drys it will set like tarmac. You need something to keep the soil open.

          The leaves and grass will keep it open for the winter rain to get in to it and will compost down over the winter.

          And you need to build your compost bins and leave bins NOW.

          Then collect all the grass cuttings, prunings and leaves over the winter so you have something to use in the spring. If you cant or cant be assed to build compost bins contact you Council Recycling Offier most Councils do deals on plastic bins. Croydon (My Authority) do them for 6 delivered. And they are very good. I have 4 of them plus 4 built out of Pallets.
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            Hi mervyn and welcome to the Vine! you've come to the right place! do keep everyone updated on your progress! DDL
            Bernie aka DDL

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              Thankyou all for your advice I shall consider them all and come to what I hope will be the right choice. It Is much appreciated that you have taken the time to respond to my message once again thankyou all.


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