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  • Christmas Tree, Oh Christmas Tree

    Hi guys

    Well, the decs are coming down today and I was wondering what to do with the tree. Normally the council take it away for me, but with the allotment this year I was wondering if it can be used. I saw Monty Don shred his for the compost heap at xmas. I dont have a shredder so was wondering if it is worth me spending time chopping it up with sacetuers?

    Any thoughts apprecieated

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    Such trees are generally acidic which is OK unless you specifically don't want your compost to be so. I doubt if any thing other than the very thinest branches will rot down without shredding. It may not be a problem but Christmas trees are often treated to stop the pine needles dropping. Again, this may also be OK but I would want to know if that would adversely affect the subsequent use of the compost. I suppose I am saying that, for me, I'd be happier not composting a Christmas tree.

    It would be great if some of the GYO contributors could answer some of the questions posed. However, as a newbie to this forum, I don't know that that is not already the case.
    "Always willing to learn"


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      Forget Christmas Trees!

      This year we went foraging in the wood for a lovely Festive Twig and came back with this [see pic] and decorated it with lights. We can then chop it up and give it to our neighbour to use as firewood.
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        Chopped up they are great for keeping the weeds down - all conifers seem to do the trick, but I only use them where I never want to grown anything like a pathway at the bottom of the plot


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          I just read on the fruiting thread that pine needles are good mulch for blueberries!


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            Eskymo your festive twig is lovely. How tall was it?


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              In the pot - it probably stands a meter high - it's amazing what you can find lying around in the woods. I don't like the idea of cutting down trees for decorative purposes - it seems so wasteful even though they do look very pretty.


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