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Clearing weeds with Roundup


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  • Clearing weeds with Roundup

    If I spray weeds with Roundup and rake off the dead material before rotovating will I be able to plant in that ground next spring ?
    any advice would be welcome

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    Depends on what the active ingredient is.
    Assuming it's the standard glyphosate based one, then yes. Hell, you don't even need to rake the dead material off; you can just rotovate it in if you want. Glyphosate breaks down harmlessly in the soil within a few weeks into phosphorus and nitrogen compounds.

    To be honest, that's the case with most garden herbicides, actually. The only ones you really need to be wary of are lawn herbicides, or any other selective herbicides, designed to kill broadleaved weeds but leave grass untouched. These ones tend to linger in the soil for a year or more, stunting (although usually not outright killing, as the concentration is no longer strong enough) any non-grass plants you try to grow there.


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