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  • Question on shade

    Hi all
    I have planted dahlias on my allotment a long row staggered row (14 ) plants.
    Unfortunately my allotment neighbour has erected her bean row in front of it about 6 feet away. ( I am not complaining as she has every right too)
    The row is also on a slightly higher level. The bean covers the central part of the dahlia row with about 3 dahlia plants either side of that
    I’m concerned that later in the year when the suns not so high it could be a real shade problem.
    My dilemma is should i dig them back up as they have been in about 12 days. Has anyone had a similar problem with dahlias on their plot
    and if so can you advise.
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    Dahlias will stand a fair bit of shade and still flower. You may have to stake them though as they'll definitely grow higher looking for more light.


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      I have some on my plot that were overwintered in the ground. Green shoots are starting to show.
      I just left the dead stems on as a token frost shield. Some are sprouting a little way out from the original planting positions so only the outer tubas have survived.

      Near Worksop on heavy clay soil


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        Mine are actual plants from tubers brought on in pots as I can’t overwinter in the ground which gets extremely wet. It’s just the shade issue that’s the problem. I do always stake them really well. I think I’ll just have to take a chance and leave them in place.


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          Bobbin, I have dahlias growing in an area that is shaded by a shed.
          It does get some sun but not a lot.
          The dahlias grow just fine, they just make a little longer to blossom.

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            They grow fine in shade , just often go taller .
            Northern England.


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