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Runner Beans - Wind damage? Blight?


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  • Runner Beans - Wind damage? Blight?

    Hi everyone,

    I hope Iím posting this in the correct forum, I just need some expert advice about damage to runner bean leaves (Polestar).

    The lower parts of the plant are beginning to crinkle, while the upper areas are showing some variegation with lighter colouration - no pests can be seen and itís producing flowers.

    So far, the damage is limited to one cane which suggests it may not be wind damage - should I see how things pan out, remove problematic leaves or remove entire plant to stop it spreading?

    (Is there an option to upload photos?)

    Many thanks, Hal

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    Hi and welcome, Hal000. You can only post photos after posting a certain number of posts. So, stay with us, enjoy the advice and humour and you'll be able to show us pictures at some point.

    Meanwhile, it sounds a bit like your bean plant might be suffering with chlorosis, a nutrient deficiency. Odd that it's just the one plant. Google for images to check to see if this is the problem.

    Are you giving your beans any kind of feed?
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      Hi Snoop Puss,

      Thank-you for your welcome and advice, I appreciate it. From looking on google Iím not too sure if itís chlorosis - they do have a tomato feed fortnightly, but I canít work out why only one caneís affected.

      I hope this doesnít break forum rules, but hereís a link to my twitter page with a few photos:


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        I'm on my phone - I can see the photos but it's not that easy to see what's going on unless on a larger screen.
        Have you been watering? A good soak might help as one of the bottom leaves look crispy...this plant could just have a poor root system.
        But the mottling does look strange - have a g00gle for mosaic virus.
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          Hi Scarlet,

          I agree with does look strange. I donít think itís mosaic virus but Iím concerned it could be something that might spread to the healthy plants.

          You could well be right tho over the root system - theyíre watered every couple of days and seem to be thriving except for this one.

          Theyíre due another feed this week, so maybe if I do that and cut the dodgy leaves off that might help. Itís very strange, Iíve never had a problem before now.


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            Hi Hal and welcome.
            I've looked at your photos and didn't feel alarmed about anything - but I'm pretty laid back about odd coloured leaves. My approach is to cut them off, especially if near the bottom of the plant (as the oldest die first) and give them a bit of TLC aka water!
            If the flowers look happy, then the plant will be.


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              Hi veggie chicken,

              Thatís a really good point about the flowers being okay. Iíll take off the affected leaves and greenfingers crossed that may turn it around.

              Thanks for everyoneís help with this, itís much appreciated🙂


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