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  • yoghurt

    I would like to make my own yoghurt from goats milk. Has anyone got any tips or advice. Do I need a machine if so which one?
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    I use this one from Lakeland :-

    Electric Yoghurt Maker - Lakeland, the home of creative kitchenware

    there's a short video you can watch on the link as well.

    My only gripe I have to store my finished yoghurt in a different container because that bowl is too tall to fit in my fridge.


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      You can make yoghurt perfectly well in a Thermos flask. I used to make it when the children were younger and we used loads. I used a wide-knecked flask of the sort meant for soups and stews - meant it was easier to get a washing up brush in to clean it out. Warm the milk to just hot enough to be comfortable with a (washed!) finger in. Add some live yoghurt and stir. Leave in flask overnight. Tip out yog and eat! Simples!
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        I use an Easiyo but don't bother buying the mixes any more and make it pretty much as Flum describes buy using the Easiyo flask rather than a thermos as it's about the right size, fits easily in the fridge and easy to clean out.

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