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It's 3.45 am French time, please feel free to ignore this


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  • It's 3.45 am French time, please feel free to ignore this

    Sorry folks, it's some ungodly hour, I'm the only one in here and fancied a chat.

    For the past two days I've been cutting down trees here and at friend's gardens and I went to bed absolutely knackered last night. But my leukaemia thing is playing up and the pruritis - this isn't just itching, I frequently rip open the skin it's so bad and so deep seated and bloody painful - had me awake an hour ago and it's so awkward to stop, I can't get back to sleep. Taken a couple of Piriton, which should help and waiting for them to kick in.

    So, I'm cruising round the Forums, catching up on emails etc etc., too dark to go outside so doing planning and looking back through threads here.

    At least I'm not just sitting up in bed waiting to fall back to sleep.

    See you all later .........
    TonyF, Dordogne 24220

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    I'm 2 hrs too late- sorry!

    Hope you have a better day today Tony.
    (You should wake up the mrs in future!)
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      really sorry to hear about your bad night and the horrid stuff you are having to deal with - hope you feel better today.

      Agree with Nicos, wake up Mrs TF



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        Damn, I was doing my seed catalogue wishlist ('puter wakes DD as it's in room next to her or I probably would have been on and could have chatted). All the dust from the building work seemed to hit mammoth proportions last night, so I was sitting up sneezing and sniffling most of the night (while OH, having taken a flu tablet, was snoring away!!). I went to the kitchen for tea about 5am Irish time.

        I hope you got a bit of rest later.


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          Sorry to hear the problems TonyF. Best thing you could do is get up, hope you got some sleep later and feel better today.
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            Sorry to hear things are a bit rough Tony. Hope the piriton took effect and you got some rest in the end.

            Take good care of yourself.

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              Hi Tony,

              How are you today? Hope you are feeling better.



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                Oh dear Tony, poor you.

                I sincerely hope that you are feeling better today. I know that this is really for another forum but, are you going to be OK with the new health ruling? We are being affected but mercifully don't have any pre-existing conditions.

                Keep your chin up Tony hope the piriton worked.
                A garden is a lovesome thing, God wot! (Thomas Edward Brown)


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                  I think getting up and doing something is far better than just hoping you'll drop off again. Keep taking the tablets as they say, and I hope you're loads better soon.
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                    Hi Scarey

                    No doesn't effect us - although I'm only 60 (ONLY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!) the Uk classified me as wholly unemployable ages since (think it was after my second retirement on medical grounds) and I'm so old and decrepid that I got an E121 - and as I'm her toy boy, so has she.

                    And thanks to everybody else, been out and about this morning, chum's birthday so we went off for lunch in a good restaurant, back and heading for bed for a couple of hours.
                    TonyF, Dordogne 24220


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                      toyboy at 60 sounds good to me glad you are a little better and getting out and enjoying


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                        Keep your pecker up Tony - someone used to say that to me and I always thought it an odd phrase...
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                          Nothing better than a ruddy good lunch in a nice restaurant to give you an appetite for an Afternoon Zizz, she said, speaking from experience....!
                          I'm sorry to have had an early night and missed being able to keep you company Tony, but I do hope that you're feeling much better when you read this.


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                            Hope you have a better night's sleep tonight Tony - or shall we leave you plenty of questions to answer!
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                              Sorry to hear that Tony. Hope you have a better night to night.
                              I might take a look in around 03.00 when I stop for my break on the way down the M6 on the way to Sunny Nunny
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