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  • 'Antonio Carluccio's Vegetables' - A1! Antonio Carluccio's Vegetables: Antonio Carluccio: Books

    Got lucky earlier today and found this second hand for just 3

    I've been reading through it and it's a really lovely book. It covers a lot of veg that many UK books don't - cardoons, chard, kohlrabi, raddichio, salsify and more. Even barba di frate ('goat's beard' or 'Jack-go-to-bed-at-night') Better yet (IMO) it's organised by veg rather than type of recipe so if you have a surfeit of (say) celeriac, you can turn to that section and immediately have several options on what to cook.

    It's not a vegetarian book but the use of meat is pretty minimal.

    I have quite a few cookery books and it's not that often I get properly excited about a new one but this is working for me!
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