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    How do you make garlic butter?
    I would think it would be fairly straight forward.
    I know the ingredients would be Garlic, butter and green herbs, but don't have a clue about the making method.
    Do you have to bake whole garlic first to get it soft enough to puree it or something?
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    Either mince your garlic with a knife or stick it through a garlic crusher (no need to cook first), then mix into softened butter with a knife - add garlic and herbs to suit your personal taste. Watch out as it will taste stronger once cooked
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      Up to you!

      I prefer to crush the garlic in a press, chopping any uncrushed pieces, my prefered herbs are parsley, dill and/or rosemary, which I chop finely.

      Then just put the softened butter (i.e. it's been out on the side for an hour or two) garlic and herbs in a bowl and mash with a fork to mix.

      If you are in a hurry then a tube of garlic puree and a spoon full of cheats chopped garlic from a jar will do...

      As to amounts - I use a clove of garlic per portion if not more.
      The weeks and the years are fine. It's the days I can't cope with!


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        thanks folks, will try that!


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